Clay Aiken – Photos Convey A Message!

Hayley Young is a professional photographer in Seattle, WA.  The photographer said:

Photographs, if successfully executed, have the power to engage fans and those who may become fans, far beyond the listening experience.  The right photo can spark a reader’s interest to learn more about you and your music.

We all know that in the last few days, Clay Aiken had a photo shoot in Raleigh, NC.  I can’t imagine how many photo shoots Clay has had in the past years since he began his professional career.  I wonder if it gets any easier.  And… what about the preparation for the event.

Pamela Ricca wrote an article at Performer Magazine about professional Photo Shoots.  Some of the points she made about professional photo shoots for musicians are:

  1. If your photo makes you look second-rate, that is exactly what consumers will think you are.
  2. You need to make some decisions about who you are as an artist, and make sure that your photos convey that message.
  3. Keep in mind that the person behind the lens has as much control as you do in the success of the shoot.
  4. Know beforehand what you are going to use the photos for, and tell the photographer so they know how to compose your shots. For example, if you are taking a photo for a CD cover and need room for copy, tell the photographer what your layout will look like so they can take the photo correctly.
  5. When choosing what to wear for the shoot, remember that details matter: think about clothing, hairstyles, accessories and props. Work with a stylist to be sure that you are conveying the image that you want in your photos. Keep in mind that your clothing and accessories need to translate well on camera.
  6. Another recommendation, even though you may feel ridiculous doing it, is to practice posing. Pose in front of a mirror and get a feeling for the way your face feels when it is in a flattering position. Get to know what poses look good on your body. Do a full dress rehearsal for all your looks, making sure that everything (including hair and makeup) goes together the way you want it to. All these elements make a difference in the overall picture. The more prepared you are when you arrive for your shoot, the more usable pictures you are going to get from it.

Thank goodness all I have to do is enjoy the beautiful pictures!!

Do you remember this early Clay Aiken photo-shoot?


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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Photos Convey A Message!

  1. Clay is certainly a pro at photo shoots and really a handsome man!!

    A photoshoot is a HUGE project….besides all the things in this article, you need to be rested with no bags under you eyes, tan lines..etc…

    I sure wish we knew what the new photos are for.

  2. Love those pictures from the early photoshoot! Curiousity has me wanting to know what the new pictures are for and wanting to see what they look like! Clay is so handsome so I'm sure they look awesome

  3. I love those pictures from an earlier photoshoot. He always looks so handsome in them. Now, all we have to figure out is what these new pictures are for. Quite the mystery…but, that is why I love Clay because he is a mysterious man. Something very sexy about that.

  4. I remember that early photoshoot, so well….Seems so long ago, and Clay has certainly matured into a handsome young man. Yes, I am curious as well, as to what the new photoshoot is all about….Very interesting…

  5. Never saw those photos from that Clay early photo shoot, but he looked very good then. Clay certainly had the model look/stance down pat then. Seeing as I did see the latest photo shoot photos, I'm amending my guess as to what they might be used for. They seem to convey, to me at least, a classic/romantic vibe, so I'll guess either a part in a TV show, a movie, or as I originally opined, maybe a Broadway production. My imagination is definitely working overtime, but that's my take on the not so clear picture.

  6. I love those photos of Clay. You'd never know he hates doing photoshoots by looking at these photos or the countless other photoshoot photos we're seen over the years.

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