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If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies. 

~Author Unknown

Yesterday, the National Inclusion Project announced a rather big change in their schedule.  This change affected many people, some in a good way and some in a disappointing way.  The best thing that happened yesterday was seeing the positive way that each person involved responded to the change.  The ClayNation is made up of amazing people!!

I thought you might want to know more about the Fletcher Auditorium.  A part of the Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts this 600-seat theater offers an intimate surrounding for the performances.  Officially named The Fletcher Opera Theater, the farthest balcony seat is less than 70 feet from the stage

I am excited that we will have an “expanded performance” by Clay Aiken.  It will be like a mini-Joyful Noise Concert!!

Do you have a favorite Holiday song you hope Clay sings at the Gala concert?  It might be fun to gather some info.  So, lets have two lists:  one for your favorite holiday song Clay has recorded and the other for a holiday song he has not yet recorded.  Christmas in September??  Why not!!  I’ll even keep track and let you know the results!!





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23 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Amazing People!

  1. I bet the new Gala will be so fun! 🙂
    Favorite Christmas song already recorded – All is Well.
    Not recorded – Un Bambino Jesu – I think he'd sing the heck out of this! 🙂

  2. The Gala will be wonderful and Clay will be on TV…ALL IS WELL

    Recorded…All Is Well
    New… Who Would Imagine A King

    Thanks for the info!!

  3. Favorite Christmas song already recorded, hmmm, tough one, but if I have to pick it's Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel.

    Favorite not recorded. "Celebrate Me Home". Reason being before Clay, and after Clay I have always been a Kenny Loggins fan, so I was thrilled when that song was included in "Joyful Noise 2005"

  4. This Gala is going to be so exciting and fun!
    Recorded: Mary Did You Know.
    Not Recorded: Good News!

    Thanks so much for the photos and info about the Fletcher!

  5. I am so hoping we can make the new date for the Gala !!! If not we will have the "TV Whatever" it
    is, will be really special because Clay will be on our TV.

    One loved best – already recorded – Toss up – Mary Did You Know, O Holy Night, All Is Well
    Unrecorded – The Lord's Prayer, Ave Maria

    I am so happy to be a part of this Claynation of Amazing People – Thankyou for all of the info!!!

    • Marlene – I too was thinking I would like to hear Clay sing Ave Maria. Don't know if he would want to sing it in Latin though. I checked on the English version – sung by Celine Dion – but the lyrics read and sounded very convoluted. Clay could definitely sing The Lord's Prayer though, and do it quite beautifully. Nice choice!

  6. This new Gala with the extended Christmas songs should be spectacular.

    Recorded: (can't pick just one) O Holy Night , Mary Did You Know

    Not Recorded: Celebrate Me Home

  7. Favorite song he's recorded: Mary Did You Know

    Favorite song he hasn't recorded: Once Upon A Christmas (Dolly Parton)

  8. Favorite already Clay song: Mary Did You Know

    New song: Blue Christmas………………… and a repeat of his Beautiful Star of Bethlehem.

  9. I did post my choices after lovinclay's. Seems like the post got lost.

    Recorded : O Holy Night

    Not Recorded : Celebrate Me Home

    I wonder if, at the gala, Clay will sing any of his re-arranged Xmas songs that he has on his computer, that he said he hoped to record *his way* some day. Maybe to just try them out.

  10. hopefulee…your post is right under Marlene as a response to her….Heh…we love comments wherever they are!!

    Its fun to see the songs people are choosing!!

    • musicfan – That post was just a comment to Marlene. I did another post with my actual final two choices, in which I remarked that they were the same as lovinclay's. No big deal. Was just wondering what happened to it. Thanks for your reply.

      • I wonder what happened….I looked "behind the stage" and I don't see it. But, glad you got the songs in anyway!

  11. I love Clay’s Christmas songs!

    For recorded, I would pick Silent Night or All Is Well.

    For not recorded, I would pick Beautiful Star of Bethlehem or Let There Be Peace On Earth (Vince Gill).

  12. Christmas music …nobody sings it better than Clay!!

    Recorded : O Holy Night

    New : Beautiful Star of Bethlehem

    Thanks for the info!!

  13. Thanks for the comment HOPEFULLE – and the agreement – I'll bet Clay could handle the Latin!!!
    For Ave Maria – He would do great at any song he chose – They are all brilliant – just like he is!!
    How does he make everything so "Special" – guess it is a "special" gift from God!!!! 🙂

  14. I would like to hear Silent Night!! When he sings that high "peace", it's the purest, most beautiful tone…

    A Christmas song he hasn't sung… well, my all-time favorite Christmas music is The Hallelujah Chorus; don't know if they've ever remixed that for a single voice, but I can just hear him, lol.

  15. Favorite recorded song: 3-way tie between All Is Well, O Come, O Come Emmanuel, & Mary, Did You Know

    Favorite unrecorded song: 3-way tie between Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem, Good News, & Celebrate Me Home

  16. Thanks for letting us have this input……….

    Favorite recorded song: O Come, O Come Emmanuel or Mary Did You Know
    Favorite unrecorded song: Last Christmas (I gave you my heart)

  17. The Gala will be wonderful and special since it is at Christmas time this year! I can't wait!!

    Favorite recorded: Don't Save It All For Christmas Day.

    Favorite unrecorded song: All I Want for Christmas Is You! Clay would do a beautiful job with this song.

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