Clay Aiken Is Never Boring!

Nobody can ever say that Clay Aiken is boring!  With Clay, there is always something to talk about!

On Friday night, over 700 Clay fans signed into the Clay Aiken Official Fan Club to join Clay’s Live Video Chat.  Despite the late Friday night time and the celebration of Yom Kipper, Clays fans were there to hear Clay chat about everyday life and the events that might be in his future.

Dressed casually in a “hoodie” from Minnesota, Clay shared that he was not even wearing socks!

Who knew that Clay:

  • Can’t drive a stick shift car
  • Hates mowing the lawn
  • Slept through the earthquake.
  • Had Frosted Mini Wheats with strawberries for breakfast.





Besides the cute chatter, Clay also shared that he had seen Hannah Waddingham in her role as the Wicked Witch in the musical, The Wizard of Oz.  Clay said that Hannah was the best thing in the entire show and gave her a grade of A+.  For more information on Hannah, check out the August 27th article here at CANN.  What an amazing lady.




Margo Martindale



When talking about the 2011 Emmy Awards, Clay admitted that he jumped up and down for “10 minutes” when Margo Martindale won her Emmy last month.  He related that he did a reading with her in NY a few years ago and that have stayed friends.  He loved watching her on the show, Justified. 



Melissa McCarthy




 Clay also said that he was pleased that Melissa McCarthy received an Emmy for her role on the CBS sitcom, Mike and Molly.  Do you remember when she was on The Gilmore Girls?





Seth McFarlene

 When asked if he had a celebrity “crush”, Clay thought for a few moments and finally said that he probably had a slight crush on Seth McFarlene.  Being the up-to-date person I am, I have to admit I had to search google to learn about McFarlene.

McFarlene is a man of many hats.  He is an animator, writer, comedian, producer, actor, singer, voice actor and a director.  He is best known for creating the animated shows, Family Guy and American Dad.  He is currently working on his feature-length film that is scheduled for release in 2012.

Clay ended the chat with some exciting news.  He will be performing an original song at the up-coming Gala in December.  He said that Decca planned to release the song to the radio in January.  He revealed that his part of the recording is done and that Jaymes is working on it now and it will be submitted very soon.

Clay and Jaymes

Clay was very serious when he said that NO clack would be allowed at the Gala.  The new song is just for the attendees and no one will hear the song again until it is released to the radio.  He even said that there would be lots of eyes watching to make sure the song is not recorded.

Reading the Clay message boards after the chat has been really fun.  Everyone is excited and can’t seem to wait to hear Clay’s new song.  I wonder how many Gala tickets will be sold this weekend?

Are you attending the National Inclusion Project Gala in December?  Do you think the new song is a stand-alone song or do you think it is tied to another project?  Are you as excited as I am??

If you missed the wonderful video chat, be sure and see it at the OFC.  Repeats of the video were posted within an hour.  Whoever came up with the idea of Video Chat should get a medal!!  A big thank you to all who put it together and to Clay for sharing an hour of his life with your fans!!


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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Is Never Boring!

  1. I could listen to Clay chat forever. I am so excited to hear this new song. EEE!!! 🙂 January will be awesome!

  2. It was a great video chat last night…I think we are all excited for Clay….

    Not only is it Yom Kipper, but it is the Thanksgiving Long weekend in Canada, so I know lots of people that have gone away for the weekend…closing up cottages, etc.

    I can see why Clay might have a crush on Seth…I saw the interview with him and Piers Morgan the other night, and was impressed. Then I heard him sing…He is really, really good. He's a crooner, and sounds an awful lot like Sinatra. I had no idea.

    Loved the chat, and loved the news that Decca will be releasing a single to the radio in January…I cannot wait. I wish I could go to the Gala….but I'll just have to wait a month after that…I can do it…I can do it!!!!! lol… It was a great way to spend a Friday evening. I loved how Brian came on earlier at the OFC, and apologized to everyone that was of the Jewish faith, that it was the only time that Clay had available for the chat, and was sorry that the timing conflicted with their religious holiday. I thought that was pretty decent.

  3. I loved the chat last night, and loved the news that a song will be released to the radio in January, It was the best part of the chat for me, EEEE!!
    I cannot wait and wish I could go to the Gala….but I will be okay since it's just a month after that and it will go fast since its Christmas time and I will be busy.

    Oh, and Clay looked good too, looks like he lost more weight.


  4. Loved the chat last night. I did have some trouble hearing sometimes, but I just went back and listened again.

    Thanks for the pictures of the people Clay was talking about. I am not always up on what is going on so I really didn't recognize the names.

    I am so excited about the new song…I can't wait!!

  5. I'm attending the Gala in December and I can't wait for this entire program. I actually bought my ticket in August. This will be my third Gala, and if is as good as the first two, plus a new song, it will be wonderful!

  6. The video chat was lots of fun and we sure learned a lot more about Clay. I'm hoping the new song will be part of a blockbuster movie soundtrack. So many movie songs have become mega hits such as "You Light Up My Life" and "My Heart Will Go On". That's the kind of break Clay needs.

  7. Clay continues to be an interesting and entertaining guy, off stage as well as on. I agree that the video chat is certainly an enjoyable way to learn more about him. Things such as his likes and dislikes, as well as the entertainers he holds in high regard, and others that he would like to give a swift kick to.

    I will be eagerly but patiently awaiting to hear the beautiful sounds of his new single. What an enormous, but pleasant surprise that revelation was.

    Thanks musicfan for a wonderfully condensed version of the chat. You also know how to keep things interesting.

  8. The chat last night was a lot of fun. I could listen to Clay talk all day and I don't think he could ever answer all the questions asked of him. Hearing about a new song was so exciting. Boo that I can't go to the gala and will have to wait until it is released to radio, but Clay is certainly worth the wait.

  9. What a wonderful video blog last night. Could NOT have asked for more!

    Clay Aiken is so much fun! I'm attending the gala for the first time. So glad I'm going!!

  10. I was so excited that Clay finally admitted what his favorite color is!! I was unable to watch the chat live, but when I got home from work I got to see it immediately – loved every second of it (especially when he spelled my screen name – little things that make me happy).

    I am very fortunate to be getting to the Gala this year – bought my ticket this Summer. The date change made things a tad bit interesting, but it all worked out and I couldn't be more excited!!!! Cannot wait for the Gala and for the radio and for anything else that Clay has up his sleeve (and I am positive that there is more). YAY!!!!

    • What a nice thing to say, Sue……..One of the things that I love about writing this blog is what I learn. And I really appreciate the feedback!!

  11. Well, I guess better late than never. Sometimes I get so engrossed in all the comments after Clay has a Video Chat that I forget to come over here. Well, I finally got to this one. Yes, Music Fan I always appreciate your blogs. They are always interesting. I was very surprised when he said he had a song coming out on the radio from Decca. Very happy also. Wouldn't it be nice if it was a song for a movie. That would be just what he needs to get out there again. Whatever it is…I will be on pins and needles waiting to hear it. Cannot afford to go to the Gala…but, it is only a month after that. I can wait…I can wait…I can wait. HaHaHa! Just kidding..I can and will wait.

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