Clay Aiken – Loving A Peach Bellini!

Tuesday was a Wonderful Clay Day!!!!!

 For those of us on the west coast, Tuesday, the Clay Day, started early.  Before 6AM, Quiana tweeted…and the day just got better and better.

I want to first thank all the great Clay fans that share their “Clack” with the ClayNation.   These are amazing people who take the time to attend events and remember that those of us at home are just waiting for some information.  Their pictures and videos and reviews are a gift to us all. A huge thank-you to each and every one of these fans!!

New York City had a great Beach Party, right in the middle of the city!!  Team Clay Aiken looked organized, happy and excited to present a new product to the world.

Under The Boardwalk was the theme song of the party.  Clay sang it with help from his teammates and the great crowd.  The men kept the champagne glasses filled with Crystal Light Peach Bellini.   Ben Cohn played music during the Limbo and Soul Train and when Clay sang.  I can’t wait to see this on TV!!

Two dedicated Clay fans attended the event and shared not only a great recap of the event, but also some fabulous pictures.  Dancermom and Dancerdad…we all appreciate the great pictures.  Dancermom had one request about the pictures…she asked that they not be posted at the OFC.  Please respect her request.

These pictures are amazing!!





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20 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Loving A Peach Bellini!

  1. Looks like a good time was had by all and boy does Clay look handsoome 🙂 Thanks again to all the Clack gatherers and Musicfan123 for sharing.

  2. Clay looks fabulous and like he's having a great time. This has been exciting and can't wait to see this all play out on TV. Hope we get more today. eeeee!!!

  3. Thanks to DancerMom & Dad for sharing their photos of Clay having a great time at the beach party. Hope Team Clay beat out the others in the competition. Can hardly wait until the show begins so we can all see it!

  4. Wonderful pictures of Clay Aiken, Clay looks like he had a great time, can't wait to see this program on my TV.

  5. GO CLAY GO!!! Thanks to Dancermom & Dancerdad for the exceptional photos! I was looking forward to my first viewing of The Celebrity Apprentice, but I have a feeling this particular challenge will be a highlight!!!

  6. Thanks so much to dancerdad & mom for the pictures. So much fun everyone is having. Love that smile and exuberance that Clay shows!!

  7. Love all the photos of Clay, his teammates, and the beach party goers. Clay looks absolutely radiant and happy. Love his hair, smile and the beach themed shirt. The colors enhance his already good looks. Of course, his singing talent is a given. He and the Unanimous team did a fantastic job with the launch. Congratulations to them all. And thanks again to dancerdad and dancermom for their unwavering dedication in getting the particulars out to all of us appreciative fans.

    musicfan – thank you too!

  8. Thanks so much. Clay looks like he is having a blast! I understand that Clay sang. I hope we see this on Celebrity Apprentice. I'm sure we will. 🙂

  9. I love all the pictures of Clay and all his teammates. We sure appreciate you reporting on this. Clay just glows in those pictures. He knows how to work a crowd…as we all know…just by going to his concerts. I am so thankful to all of the devoted fans who go to these events and get these gorgeous pictures to us. Also, thanks to that Sexysingerman for entertaining everyone so well by singing "Under The Boardwalk." Love that song…and, he was awesome singing it.

  10. Thank you for the great pictures dancermom and dancerdad! Clay looks so good, that smile just….. 🙂 Thanks to all clackgathers and musicfan for posting!

  11. Loving the shirt Clay XD And the hair actually, and the rest of him… 🙂
    Clack gathers are some of the best and the luckiest people in the world, thank you so much to all of you for your dedication, especially for all of us too far away to be able to be there ourselves.
    Can't wait to watch this show 😀
    Thank you as well musicfan123

  12. Yes, thank you Dancerdad and Dancermom, great, GRRREAT recap and pix — and thank you, Clay Aiken News Network!! Your info distribution is marvelous!!

  13. Loving the pictures and all the news. I am so glad that Clay decided to do this show. It is a win-win situation. More money will be raised for NIP, Clay will get more fans, and we get to see him on TV each week!!

    Musicfan..I just want to tell you that I think this blog is wonderful. You bring us so much great information and if anyone asked me to recommend one board to represent Clay Aiken, I would give them this blog. I am sure you spend a great deal of time and you are always positive. I hope you know how many appreciate your blog.

    • Thank you so much!! I really do enjoy writing this blog. I have learned a lot too!! I appreciate your support!

  14. Clay looks so good and seems to be having a blast. Is this the same man that used to be uncomfortable at gatherings like this? It's great to see him in this situation really enjoying the moment.

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