Clay Aiken – Party Time!!

I know this is a mess, but I want to get it posted NOW!!

I will update and make it pretty later!!

The news from New York started coming in early…  Did you see these tweets?

qparler Quiana Parler
NYC!!! “Launch Party” at 225 fifth ave between 11-12:30 TODAY in your fav BEACH WEAR!!! Retweet retweet retweet

qparler Quiana Parler
Top of the morning guys! I pray everyone has a blessed day! Im also praying that God shows up & shows out for OMC today in a mighty way!

Per Facebook 

Per clayphan

Many Thanks!! 

Just got served a drink from Lou Ferrigno, and am now just hanging with Clay Aiken, Dee Snider, Arsenio Hall, Penn Jillette, Paul Teutel Sr, and BEN COHN!!! life is pretty good right now 🙂

Kathy Lee & Hoda just walked in!!!!!!

We all just jammed out to “Under the Boardwalk”! Clay sang and had us all do the chorus.

Crowd is pretty big, but could use more.

Reed is there.

OK Some Pictures!!



I removed a picture that  I was asked to remove.  


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  1. WOW!! Love the pictures! Don't worry about it being perfect…you got it up quickly and we can celebrate with Clay!!

    What fun!

  2. Thanks for posting all the info and pictures! You do a great job of keeping us informed about all the latest exciting news about Clay!

  3. Hey, this looks like a great party. Wish I could have gone. Thanks for the pictures and tweets..always appreciate that you keep up with everything that is going on. Clay is looking good and happy. Good luck to all the guys.

  4. Clay looks so cute in his beachware. I have a really really good feeling about todays Celebrity Apprentice challenge.

  5. Thanks to all who are giving all of this great information – so exciting!!!! Clay does look like he is
    doing a great job and having fun at the same time – sure hope he comes out a winner!!! He's a
    winner for me – no matter what!!

  6. Hey, Thanks CANN for such quick reporting of a fabulous Clay day that took place in NYC today. By the pictures and the recaps it sounds like he had a great time and the guys did a great job on the commercial..

  7. Who says Clay can't dance? He looks like he's having a ball! Can't wait to hear "Under the Boardwalk" by Clay & the gang.

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