Clay Aiken – What Can I Say?

What Can I Say?


I am so proud of Clay Aiken


Proud to be one of his fans!!

Today I am taking some quotes that I found on the Internet on Sunday that were written by Clay fans!  They say it the best!

It is a wonderful time to be a Clay fan!

Love that man to pieces!

Remember the kid that stood on the stage in Hollywood and said he wanted to use his name for good things? Well, he surely has done that in spades!

 You amaze me. You fill my heart with joy. I simply adore you.

Clay is intelligent, caring, talented, and has a gift. His personality is enchanting and he is really a nice guy.

I’ve Had The Time of My Life!

May his every dream come true!

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  1. There are no words – to explain the love and pride for Mr Clay Aiken!!
    Just maybe a Great Big "THANK YOU" and "GOD BLESS YOU CLAY!" <3

  2. It most certainly is a great time to be a Clay fan…but it's always been a great time to be a Clay fan. Clay is a good man, and as promised way back at the beginning, he wanted to make a difference…and he has not disappointed. I think Clay will excel in everything that he sets his mind to. He's just one of those special people that is so blessed. I however, feel blessed in knowing this man.

  3. Can we be prouder of Mr. Clay Aiken?BTW I adore that last picture ….that is a total picture of love if there ever was one.

  4. SueReu………you are so right. Clay is THE BEST! I have always been proud of Clay, but right now my heart is bursting!!

    Good post today!!

  5. I hope that someday Parker can read all about his dad, Clay, and how we love and respect him. What makes Clay so special that folks, not just in the USA love him, but that he has fans around the globe!

  6. I love all the quotes and the pictures…but, I have to say that the last one is the very best. It just shows such love by Clay and Jaymes for little Parker. How sweet! He certainly has kept his word about making a difference. Just love that man.

  7. Great comments and great pics! I don't think other people understand our total devotion to Clay. Honestly, I don't even understand it myself as I have never felt this way about any other celebrity. He is such a good man and wants so much to do things that really matter. As we've said all along, he not only talks the talk, but walks the walks. His fans are pretty special too and I know he appreciates it.

    Yes, Sue, he is simply the best …. better than all the rest!

  8. I too am so proud to be a Clay fan. I feel that after Celebrity Apprentice it will once again be okay to be a Clay fan and we will be able to shout it from the mountain tops.

  9. Love all the quotes and the pictures. Yes, it is a great time to be a Clay fan.
    I am so proud of him and what he has accomplished.

    Yes – It is OK to be a Clay fan.

  10. im glad to be a clay aikenfan and yes its agreat time to be a clay aiken fan
    and yes clay you do amaze me you stil do

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