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Clay Aiken – Who Knew?

What an exciting day it was on Thursday.  Who knew that Clay Aiken would:

  1. Tweet, tweet and tweet some more?
  2. Post a new Blog at the OFC site?
  3. Be releasing a new album on March 27, 2012 ?

Titled Steadfast, the album will combine new recordings with older ones.  It sounds like a winner to me.  It was fun to see that the CD would be available internationally.  Be sure and check your countries Amazon site and see if Steadfast will be available in your country.

So…why Steadfast?  That’s easy…just look at the definition of the word:


  1. fixed in direction; steadily directed: a steadfast gaze.
  2. firm in purpose, resolution, faith, attachment, etc., as a person:  a steadfast friend.
  3. unwavering, as resolution, faith, adherence, etc.
  4. firmly established, as an institution or a state of affairs.
  5. firmly fixed in place or position.

 I love the following synonyms:

Constant  – dedicated – dependable – enduring – faithful – intense – loyal – relentless – steady – unfaltering!

 ~What a perfect title for an album from Clay Aiken! ~

Fan reaction was just amazing!  Of course there are always those who would complain if the sun was shining, but almost all of the fans were excited and ready to support Clay and his new album.  The following are some comments from some of the fans:

I love Clay singing to me!!! Hopefully a whole lot of new and old fans will be buying the new album.

We have so much to look forward too and I’m so thankful!

Almost an embarassement of riches from Clay in. 2012. But I’m not too proud. I want it all! I just love that guy. 

I am beyond happy….

I think I’ve been sucked in!!

New music, old it just doesn’t matter to me but there is definitely a career plan in place and I am beyond excited.

Clay and Decca I’m sure know what they are doing this time around..

…people will get the chance to hear some of those great songs along with some others. I am very excited about this!! 

 It’s going to be a fun spring!

I hope everyone ‘likes’ the new CD over at Amazon!

I want Steadfast to sell like gangbusters! It is really going to be interesting.

 I’ll be eagerly awaiting this album, however the track list ends up.

I’m thoroughly looking forward to what the future holds! 

Just ordered my copy of “Steadfast” on Amazon and it is number 12 on Best Sellers,number 1 on Movers & Shakers and #10 in Hot New Releases.  These times were checked at  11:30 pm pacific time.

This is looking to be a fantastic year for us clayfans.  Couldn’t hit order button fast enough.

The man can sing people!!!

I want the whole world to hear him.

It was a long day here…I had NO Internet for almost 7 hours.  I finally went to Starbucks with my laptop to catch up.  Then, I headed to San Jose, CA. to see the senior ladies compete in the U.S. Figure Skating Championships!  (It was amazing.)  So…with luck, today I will post a bit more and we can discuss the fun the 2012 year will give to us.

 What do you think about the new CD?




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  1. Hi Musicfan, I didn't notice that it would be available internationally until I read your blog. Yes it has been on pre order list on amazon Japan.

  2. I am beyond excited and happy – for sure will be buying more than one!!! I love the title and every
    word describing "STEADFAST" is a perfect description of "Clay"!
    I am happy for you Musicfan, getting to go to the Ice Skating Championship – I would agree – it must
    have been "amazing" !!!

  3. Woooohoooo…. 😀

    I am dancing, jumping ups n downs… I am sooo happy. Yes agree 100%.. I don’t care what songs he will sing. As long as he sings, the world is bright n shine.

    The happiest one.. It will be sold internationally. I am sad with BBML only sold in the US n Canada, but now I am excited already. Hope Decca will have full marketing n sales support behind it. Oh I love 2012.

    Meeeee.. Jumping ups n downs in indonesia 😀

    • So happy for all you faithful international fans who've been shut out for so long! And BBML and "concert songs" are on it!!

  4. I am thrilled that a new CD will be coming out. First off, I didn't expect a CD this year at all, so I am so glad that with Clay's appearance on CApp, people that haven't heard Clay sing in YEARS, WILL HAVE an opportunity to go "oh yeah, there's that guy with the great voice" and check him out. I'm glad that with the viewership Clay will be getting, that a follow up of a CD is perfect timing. Plus, some songs that Clay has sung in concert, will be recorded. PERFECT!!!!!! Looking forward to this CD…and hopefully a tour to follow!!!!! Keeping fingers crossed.

  5. This is an amazing article or blog or whatever you want to call it!!! I agree withall the comments you brought over! So excited about Steadfast and as far as I can see, Clay can do no wrong!!!

  6. I am so excited for the new cd I can’t believe. You bet I’m preordering. It sounds awesome!! 🙂

  7. What do I think about new CD? — Well, it's the Clayride again for sure… BBML, YES!! Songs from concerts, YES — so excited wondering which ones they are!!! Remixed songs from T&T, YES — but they're so pretty now; so excited wondering which ones they picked and what might be different… , whew, this is all so much fun.

    About Steadfast available on Amazon international sites — it's about darn time!!!

    • Agree with you kacy that it's about darn time to promote Clay's CD internationally and be recognize as well. They should've done this with T&T, but I guess it's never too late.

    • You can order the CD at Amazon and I assume you will be able to get it other places too. It is a CD…pictures and all!!

  8. This is a very exciting time for the ClayNation! Cannot wait for Steadfast and The Celebrity Apprentice.
    I am even excited about the commercials for Celebrity Apprentice.

  9. Thursday was a fabulous day. I am so excited about Clay's blog and new CD. I love that he has a plan and that he is taking advantage of the PR he will get on Celebrity Apprentice….really a smart move.

    I was shocked when I read a fan say they would not buy the CD…Why??? If Clay needs me I will help out. I mean, really…its less than $15.00…It's hard to imagine that someone who thinks they are a fan chooses Not to support Clay. They need to re-evaluate their ideas of what a fan is…then either be a fan or move on!

    Thanks, Musicfan, for the great info!!

  10. Thanks Musicfan, I was able to preorder album yesterday from Amazon UK
    Margaret Northern Ireland

  11. As soon as I saw the news about a new cd, I quickly ordered from Amazon. I love Clay's tweets and I love all the excitement and information we are getting, This is going to be a good Clay year and I am so happy!

  12. Sounds like it will be a compilation of Clay's best. TnT and BBML was truly the best! Based on that, I will love Steadfast (in advance). 😀 So exciting, can't keep up in Clayland. Hurray!!

  13. I'm very happy we're getting a new CD even if it'll only contain a few new songs. I'm hoping there will be something on the new CD I can skate to such as "In My Life". Enjoy Nationals, musicfan. I wish I was there with you.

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