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After a week of tweets, blogs and surprises, Friday, January 27th  ended up being a day to catch up!  No one seemed to know if Clay Aiken had overworked his twitter fingers, was enjoying family time, was traveling, lost his phone, or just decided to take a breather.  Yeah…we get spoiled.  After so much news all week, most fans were missing the “twitter master.”

However, there was some great information found at Amazon.  Instead of the empty box that was supposed to be Steadfast, they posted a cover that just might be the real deal.  It looked much like the artwork for Bring Back My Love, but the lighting was different and the colors a bit more muted.  As always, the fans had fun talking about the great picture and the great music they hope are included on the playlist!

Below is a picture that was posted at Amazon.  What do you think?  



It all started in Atlanta, Georgia on January 28th, 2003, when millions of people were introduced to a skinny redhead who wore glasses and had a unique fashion style. The American Idol judges looked skeptical and no one knew what to expect.

Clay Aiken-Atlanta

Clay Aiken-Atlanta

But like your mother used to say, don’t judge a book by its cover. Clay Aiken opened his mouth to sing and the incredible voice that poured out amazed everyone.

“Why are you here?” Clay spread his hands and stated simply; “Because I am the next American Idol.”

The skeptical judges watched and listened as Clay sang an excerpt from the 80’s song, Always and Forever and demonstrated his rich, clear voice.

Randy Jackson wanted to know where the voice came from and Simon Cowell suggested that he didn’t look like a pop star. But, it’s all about the voice and so Clay, the unlikely pop star, made his first steps on an incredible journey.

The voice continued to amaze through the following weeks. Clayton Aiken became Clay Aiken. He not only looked like a pop star, he became one.

Please watch this incredible audition here.

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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – What Do You Think?

  1. I'll never forget Jan 28th 2003 because I was watching when he came out to audition! I was like….whaaaat? Who IS that redhead????? Looked for him everywhere each week! Now lookd where he's at! Celebrity Apprentice for 4 months! Yay!

  2. The new picture looks fine to me – old pic, new pic, – I love Clay's face and everything else about
    him. But, most of all "the Man's" heart and soul is the most beautiful to me. He delivers like no other,
    and never dissappoints. !!!!!!

  3. What a wonderful week for us Clay fans!! Reading his blog announcing the new cd was the highlight of my entire year so far!! We have that release to look forward to, and then of course there is Celebrity Apprentice!! In the midst of an otherwise dull January there is Clay, our bright and shining star, full of surprises and he just keeps on giving and giving to us!! Who knew nine years ago that shy boy on AI would become the wonderful man he is and be such an important part in all our lives?!! I'm just so thankful that he is! As a Clay fan lately, you just can't wait to see what happens next! This fan is anxiously awaiting the first episode of CA, the arrival of the new cd in my mailbox (already ordered multiples) and downloaded on my Ipod, and dare we hope, next an announcement of a tour to promote that cd? Of course we can!! Thanks Clay for all you give to our lives!

  4. Love the cover for "Steadfast". Clay looks handsome, well dressed and in charge. Love it.

    9 years today, we were introduced to Clay Aiken….I remember that audition….and when he walked in, I thought to myself "Oh boy…this is gonna be good" being sarcastic. He opened his voice, and I stopped dead in my tracks…..He had me right then and there….and I have never looked back. That voice…That unique beautiful tone. I could not wait to hear that voice every week, and it has continued 9 years…..amazing…

  5. I wasn't aware of Clay nine years ago (although in fairness I was only 9 at the time) but now that I am I intend to be around for another nine years, and longer!
    I love the album cover it's just so very… Clay and he looks amazing! And the name "Steadfast" I think fits both Clay and the fans that have been around for nine years (I admire you all!) The best part about the album is that it's on Amazon UK as well so many thanks to whoever had that idea.
    Here's to 2012 (which is going to be a grea Clay year) and to another nine years (or more…)! 🙂

  6. I also love the cover of "Steadfast" He has grown into a wonderful mature man…so handsome and debonair!

    Clay had me from "Take" As soon as he opened his mouth I was a goner! From then on whenever I heard him sing on AI he blew me away! Still here after nine years and he still blows me away! Thanks Clay for nine amazing years, to the future and many more years!

  7. I have been a Steadfast fan for 9 years and have not regretted one minute. He may not have "looked" like a Pop Star when he first went before Simon, but he sure proud him wrong. I have loved each moment of my Clay Aiken journey.

  8. Love the new CD cover and must admit he is so handsome he takes my breath away! Can't wait to see what the next 9 years brings.

  9. Steadfast – and still going strong after all these years. A great description in regard to Clay's career, my admiration for him, and all that he exemplifies. Of course, at first his voice was the main attraction, but through the years he has also proven to be "a quality human being and a man of character." tm Jeff Foxworthy. Thanks to Clay, it's been a heck of a nine year ride.

  10. I never get tired of watching Clay's AI audtion. To be honest the cover of the CD is not a favorite photo of mine. Several other photos from that photo shoot appeal to me more, but Clay still looks good.

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