Clay Aiken – Looking For #1

With the unveiling of what we believe is the new Album cover, I thought it was time to have a bit of fun.  

Below are the CD covers from Clay’s albums.  Which one is your favorite?










Remember, you are voting for the cover, not the songs…

What is your favorite?  Which is your least favorite?

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54 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Looking For #1

  1. Number 3 is the top of the list for me. LOVE that look and that eye catching red cover. Too bad nobody got to see it on the racks as there wasn't many released… sniff…..

  2. A few days ago I would have said the "All Is Well" cover was my favourite, but now I have to say "Steadfast" because Clay looks mature and handsome and… yeah. I just love it, can't wait to get the CD <3
    As for a least favourite, I really couldn't choose because I think he looks great in all of them… Hmm, on second thought I'd say the "best of" one because of the lines going through him. (I also think that album was a bit premature…) ^_^

  3. I love the songs on each of these cds – that being said, my favorite is #5 (Oh My Way Here) and my least favorite (even though he looks amazing) is #7 (Tried & True). Clay's a very handsome man regardless of his hair color or style…these are just my personal prefernces. <3

  4. Although I like all of them, except #2, #3, All is well has always been my favorite while #2 MCWL I think is just awful.

  5. My favorite is #5. I love profile photos of Clay. I don't like the T&T cover. Clay kind of looks sad in that photo.

  6. #1 Clay is so innocent looking, #2 he has a little devilish look in his eyes, #3 sooooo handsome, #4 sophisticated, #5 that faraway introspective look,, #6 so cute, #7 brings back memories of the 60's, even though all are great #8 is my favorite Clay Aiken cover.

  7. Well, this is such a difficult task, so I'm going to have to classify the covers first.

    #3 is the best young Clay with great colors and hairstyle.

    #5 has the best profile, great colors and hair, but looks too wax-like and unreal.

    #8 looks to be the most down to earth, handsome, and mature Clay.

    Okay – #8 wins. I like handsome, mature, and in charge every time. Very nice outfit too.

    My least favorite cover is #7. Clay's eyes seem to look somewhat sad, plus his outfit is bland and uninspiring.

    Thanks for asking. It ended up being a very enjoyable task after all.

  8. New favorite is: Steadfast! (LOVE LOVE LOVE it)
    I just want to point out that it would be so nice to have him smiling with his mouth open in one of the album covers looking really happy. He looks amazing (as always) in all of them, just wish I could see his eyes light up and sparkle as they do when he looks even happier.

  9. Thanks, Musicfan for your kind response. I thought there was a voting page separate from the comment page.

    My favorite is #2, my least favorite is #3.

  10. Well I like most of them but since I am picking one that I like best then I got to go with #4 …I like the whole look of Clay….so chic 😀
    My least favorite is #2

  11. Favorite – how about favorites – Love AIW – Steadfast – OMWH – ATDW – TVB.
    Never liked MCWL – and really iffy on T&T.

  12. In my opinion, Clay has the world's most perfect profile; therefore #5 has always been my favorite cover. It's been my desktop from the moment it was published and will remain so always. "On My Way Here" was also the album he dedicated to his fans…another reason to make it special.

  13. I love 3 and 5. Not too fond of MCWL. I don't think it shows his true beauty. The inside of the cover pictures on that one are great!


  14. my least clay aiken is on my way here album cover i never liked his yellow hair and my fav clay aiken cover is the verry best of clay aiken love that spikey hair

  15. My most favorite is #8 from "Steadfast" because he looks so darn sexy in it. Least favorite is #2..but, that was hard to pick because he looks good in all his album covers.

  16. I'd have to say All Is Well and OMWH. I have never liked MCWL… to me it's a very strange look for him, but I know lots of people love it. I like the Steadfast cover because it shows him as a handsome man in his 30's…like "himself". Come to think of it, the Very Best of cover does the same thing, so I'd have to probably bump it up on my list. The MOAM cover will always hold a special in my heart, too. 🙂

  17. Thanks for this, it's great to see them all! For my vote, I have a tie:
    I agree w/Kay on "world's most perfect profile" (YES!), and #5 really does it justice, THUD!! (Also agree that his dedication to us makes OMWH extra special.)
    Its tied with #6, because VBO seems to me the most natural Clay, love his expression and Those Eyes are lookin' right into you, THUD!!

  18. #5 and #8 are my favorites…My least favorite is #2

    Thanks for putting these up. It's loads of fun to look back.

    Just look at all the music Clay has given to us! WOW

  19. Since we were asked to choose a least favorite, I will comply. My least favorite is #2.
    My favorite cover is #8.

  20. This is hard…like them all..but if I have to pick i'll pick #3 as favorite and #2 as the least favorite.

  21. My favorite is #5 On My Way Here, and I'm also loving the new one for Steadfast. But my vote for #1 is On My Way Here (#5). They are really all just totally awesome because they are Clay, so I can't really give you a least favorite because I don't have one. Hope that doesn't disqualify my vote!

  22. All is Well was always my favourite look for Clay….But I will have to say that I love "STEADFAST" now….That is my favourite. My least favourite would be "The Best of Cover", as it was just a picture used previously, instead of a new pic for the cover. I like them all though.

  23. I would say Wanda Sykes was right, the look on the Measure of a Man album – very sexy. Although my favorite picture on this page is Clay in your banner at the top from Celebrity
    Apprentice. I would have loved that one on the cover of Steadfast or one of the C.Brown,
    red suspenders pictures.

  24. My new favorite is "Steadfast" prior to that it was the cover from "All Is Well. Least favorite is T&T cover. I was never to crazy for the MCWL pic either.

  25. My favorites are # 4, 1, 2, 6, 3, 7, 5 & 8. B/C he's looking right at the camera & giving a "how you doin'" look & just looks generally happy for the most part. But I don't like 7, 5 & 8 & I'll probably open up a can of worms here & I'm just being honest, but he's put on a few lbs. since he was on Idol & the first full three length CD's were released. Perhaps he ate a lot of junk food on tour or whatever but he certainly is NOT the cutie pie he was on Idol. I'm just saying… =-o

    See You Later,


    • Ellison………I suppose that you haven’t changed at all in 9 years…. Yes, just like almost everyone , Clay changed from a too skinny kid to a man.

      Personally, I much prefer a man and not a cutie pie that was skinny.

      Did you know that Clay told his fans on a live blog chat that he has been sugar-free for a while?
      Did you know that Clay was on medication that made him gain a lot of weight (something that happened to anyone taking this medication)

      Come on…be real…not opening a can of worms, just being unkind..

      You can post here any time you want and you can have any opinion you want unless you are writing something for the sole purpose of getting attention.

    • You are 100% right…he is NOT the skinny little cutie pie that he was on AI. Actually what he is, is a capital WOW grown up sexxxxxy man. Hey, he may be gay, but I'm not, and the current version of Clay Aiken is out and out sexy. Soooo, you can have your little cutie pie, I'll take this Clay. (I wish)

    • You're right, he's not the "cutie pie" he was on Idol. He's nine years older and it would be weird (and a little scary) for him not to have aged in those 9 years. He's a handsome, grown up man.

      I attended the Gala in December, where they auctioned off the Durham Bulls jersey he wore during Idol. Guess what? It fit, much to his pleasure. As did the shirt & tie combo that he wore during the Independent Tour (although his shoulders are broader now, I think he's been working out). I don't think it's that he's "put on a few pounds" as much as he's matured – just like everyone else in the world.

    • AI was 9 years ago when he was 24 and weighed 145 lbs. He is now a MAN of 32. A nicely filled out man I must say.

  26. I am certainly not going to pick a least favorite because they

    are all Clay at different stages of his life – and you guessed

    it – I love them all – “STEADFAST” – might have just a bit of an edge, though! It really says “STEADFAST” to me!!!!<3 <3

  27. My least favorite is MCWL. My favorite depends on what you're asking. If you're asking which is my favorite CD cover, I would have to say Tried and True because it's the only one that actually has a theme and has something to do with the music. If you're asking which one is my favorite photo of Clay, I'd have to say ATDW.

    Clay's filled out quite nicely. Gone is the waif like appearance and we are now looking at a man, which is how it should be.

  28. Oh yeah, I nearly forgot…least least least fave album picture…Tried and True

    Most fave….Anything to do with OMWH…adore that CD

  29. I really like them all, but #8, the newest, is probably my favorite and #1 would be the least , just because he has now matured. MOAM looks like a boy and STF is very manly and in charge.

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