Clay Aiken – Judge at the Nico Castel Master Singer Finalist Concert

Saturday at Carnegie Hall was an interesting experience.  The opera competition presented 8 talented musicians that sang two songs.  It was an important evening for them and the small theater was filled with their family and friends….plus some Clay Aiken fans.

The judges were all in the balcony of the theater and judged each contestant on 5 different criteria.  For some Clay fans,the serious opera music was something new to them, however, everyone was supportive of the talented musicians.

The judges were announced and brought on stage just before the winners were announced.  Of course, Clay looked handsome and seemed to have won over all the judges with his musical knowledge and dedication to the job.

I found found many pictures on a few of the boards and will post some here.

The internet here at the hotel is pretty spotty.  Sometimes it works well and other times it is almost impossible to use.  This did not get posted last night because of the poor connection and the after-concert celebration with other Clay fans…


I have just spent 1 hour trying to post a picture.  The internet connection is horrid!  So sorry….I will try later today to post pictures.  I am off to see the Metropolitan Museum of Art!!

[Edited to add pictures and video for Musicfan –Deona]

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Judge at the Nico Castel Master Singer Finalist Concert

  1. Wonderful and thanks for the dedication! Clay looks wonderful. I think it would have been a very interesting experience

  2. I'm happy for the singers and also that Clay did so well with the judging! Than you again for
    bringing all of the information here to share – it is appreciated!!! Very much!! 🙂

  3. I could tell the other judges seemed to get along well with Clay just from that short video clip. It happens over and over. People meet Clay and fall under his spell. 🙂

  4. musicfan – So glad that Clay was chosen and represented a younger contingent as a judge. Thanks for sharing your special experience. Was wondering – was it a group judge vote for the winner, or the one who received the most tallied votes from each individual judge? Did you agree with their final choice?

    Love the video and all the photos with Clay. Very nice!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing the pics and video with us! Aren't we so blessed to have Scarlett!!!!

  6. So proud of Clay to have been selected as a judge. So glad that you were able to attend and share the expeience with us. Enjoy the museum, another evening at Carnegie Hall to see Clay, and have a safe trip home.

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