Clay Aiken – So Many Fabulous Minutes

Sometimes things that you look forward to just don’t happen the way you want.

Right now, I am in my hotel room in New York.  I am supposed to be in a nice seat in Carnegie Hall.   I guess that’s what happens when you get hit with a bout of  “food poisoning.”

Now, it will be your job to let me know all about the concert tonight.

I just now signed on to read and see all the exciting pictures, articles and comments about last night.  It is going to be so much fun seeing Clay on TV for the next few months….and I loved his tweets and blog.

Entertainment Weekly-TV Recaps had a great article about the show.  The following is what they wrote about Clay:

But he’s not my early favorite on the men’s team. That would be Clay Aiken. While Arsenio and Adam Corolla were busy working on their comedy routines — always a danger when you have comedians on the program — Aiken came out as smart, savvy, and super competitive. This bodes well for future freak-outs involving the former American Idol runner-up. And even if he doesn’t go on to be one of the more entertaining contestants, he’s already proved his casting value for the one scene alone where a busty half-naked woman decided to “make it rain” and showered Aiken with dollar bills while she bounced up and down and the singer held his breath and imagined himself to be anywhere but there at that very moment. (“It’s for charity. It’s for charity. It’s for charity,” he no doubt kept murmuring to himself.)

Be sure and visit the site…the entire article is fun.


The also had an article on Celebrity Apprentice…

QUOTE:  Clay Aiken made his debut on “Celebrity Apprentice” tonight, and we’re happy to announce he survived his first boardroom showdown.
In fact, Clay proved himself a savvy player in the night’s first challenge, which was running a sandwich shop in midtown Manhattan. The teams (men vs. women) were judged on how much money they could raise in one business day. Notice I said “raise” instead of “earn” because the only way to win these types of “Celebrity Apprentice” challenges is for the celebs to get their rich friends to come and donate thousands of dollars.
Clay ran the register for his team’s shop and did a great job of up-selling to people checking out. We posted the clip earlier of Clay getting $1000 from a man offering $500, and he worked hard on every single person checking out, getting as much as he could from them.


QUOTE:  Early thoughts on the season:
After this first episode, the men do seem to have the stronger team. Please let Adam Carolla stay for a long, long time, because that guy is hilarious. Penn Jillette also looks like a very strong player, and you know he has a lot of rich Vegas friends who can carry him through. Victoria Gotti is going to be trouble. She has a terrible attitude and probably won’t win any friends.

You can see the entire article at  Newsobserver

The New York Daily News wrote a review of the show.  The following was the part about Clay:

The men and women brainstorm their respective team names, with Adam Carolla leading the “frat pack,” as Clay Aiken pointedly calls the men’s team. The comedian and radio talk-show host suggests “Honey Badgers,” which the Clay adamantly poo-poos.

The men finally settle on Team Unanimous, which is pretty ironic given that already, some of the men are taking issue with one another – Adam calls Trekkies alcoholics, Arsenio Hall can’t understand what Paul Teutul is saying, and Clay Aiken feels like he’s above the “childishness.”

Interesting thoughts!!

What did you think of the first episode?

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – So Many Fabulous Minutes

  1. I think Clay was amazing! He was a bit quiet but I really don't see that lasting very long. LOL I think our man knows how and when to speak his mind and I think he'll do it with great panache! 🙂 Get em' Clay!!!!

  2. Loved the first episode and the blog written by Clay after it was all over! I think Clay will do very well. He will show his smarts when the time is right – and it really counts. I am looking to see him
    out-shining many of the contestants. 🙂

  3. I really liked the first episode. I think everyone was just feeling their way through…and it will get very exciting in the following episodes. Like Clay said, next week will be very explosive and a lot of drama. Can't wait! Clay looked so handsome and buff when he was working the cash register.

  4. musicfan – So sorry you were unable to be at the Carnegie Hall program.. We all know how much you were looking forward to it. Clack is always a friend, so you will have the opportunity to view that. Hopefully you are on the mend and feeling better already.

    I truly enjoyed the first episode if CApp. Clay will certainly have his hands full with quite a few of the competitors. Best moment for me – Clay getting rained on. Loved a majority of the reviews so far.

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