Clay Aiken – A Distinguished Profile.


…the outline or contour of the human face, especially the face viewed from one side.

There is no one that has a more distinguished profile than Clay Aiken.  We have plenty of proof of this because of the wonderful “clack” that has been taken at so many of Clay’s performances.

As we celebrate 8 days and counting until Clay is on TV, lets enjoy the following pictures that show Clay’s great profile.  Which one is your favorite?











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23 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Distinguished Profile.

  1. "IT'S IMPOSSIBLE" ! to choose – Clay has the perfect profile for me! Love everyone of the
    pics! Very good job of picking these out, MUSICFAN!! 🙂

  2. On MY! There is no denying that gorgeous profile musicfan. But to pick ONE? Nope, nada, can't do it…haha, they are ALL beautiful! Inside and out!

  3. #1 and #6 are my favorite. But, no matter from what angle we look at Clay, he
    has an adorable face with classic features!

  4. It's a huge toss up between #4 & #6 both are impossibly perfect! I love his nose and chin….the jawline is amazing and his browline and forehead are beautiful! The scruff and hair are nice in both too. Thanks for posting these pics. For those of us newer to the fandom, makes it so nice!!! 🙂

  5. So glad that you put the right facing, #5 PermaSwooned – San Francisco – 2011 photo in the mix. It is my absolute favorite, first choice and best of the Clay profile pictures. *Distinguished* is a good start in describing it. How about awesome, perfect, beautiful, magnificent, etc,. SueRue's cap of #6, facing left, is my second choice. In it Clay is very good-looking and adorable at the same time. They are all aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Thanks!

  6. #1 and #5 are my favorite, although, looking at Clay at any angle you can see
    he has classic features and an adorable face!

  7. Have to go with #6 because, in addition to the gorgeous profile, that was my favorite hairstyle on him. Many of us lovingly refer to it as "suspender hair"!

  8. It's hard to pick. I love them all. but #1 and #6 are my favorites. Love that look and smile in his gorgeous face.

  9. I love each picture. There is no way I can pick just one….maybe 5 and 6….No…1, 2 and 3….no 4, 7, 8,no…well you get it!!

  10. I l;ove them all!! is so handsome and great in any profile. Pict #1, 4 & 6 specially he looks cute with his supenders. His beautiful eyes, eye lashes and a perfect nose how can you not love him…

  11. i love #4…i was at that show!!! clay was so sick with vertigo, but the professional he is, he managed to get through the entire show, all except for "ALL IS WELL".

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