Clay Aiken – “And The Beat Goes On!”

It is so much fun to do a Google search for Clay Aiken these days.  It seems that his name is everywhere.  The following are just a few of the places that give fun and interesting PR about Clay and his career.

The Washington Post posted an article titled:

Clay Aiken v. Catholics in Renewed Culture War

Written by Mary C. Curtis from Charlotte, NC, the article seems to be an article about the pros and cons of Amendment One.  This important Amendment will be put to a public vote on May 8th.

Ms. Curtis uses Clay as the lead- in, using a 2003 picture and the recent video that Clay recorded about why the amendment should not pass.  I bet the article received many hits by using Clay’s name.  Too bad it is misleading.  In the video, Clay is certainly not fighting the Catholic Church.

You can see the entire article at WASHINGTONPOST


 Did you know that Clay is on the list for the most popular, gay, bachelor?  Out Magazine is hosting a poll called the  Second Annual 100 Most Eligible Bachelors.  

At the moment, Clay is in second place behind Chris Colfer, one of the stars of  GLEE.  It’s easy to vote, so if you want Clay to win, why not throw in a vote.  You can visit the site and vote at OUT


Larry’s Look | Catching up with the Trumps

by NewsChannel 36 Staff – Charlotte, NC.

One of the reporters for this TV station interviewed Donald Trump Sr. and Donald Trump Jr.

Ira Cronin asked about their home-state contestant, Clay Aiken.  Trumps says that Clay is smart and tough.  The site has a great video that is fun and short.  You can see it at LARRY


Celebrity Apprentice Goes Medieval


In this article and video, the readers get a preview of next Sunday’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice. It looks like lots of fun and Clay has a prominent role in the video.

You can see the video at ET.COM  Be sure and scroll down on the left to click on the video.


Are you watching Celebrity Apprentice this season?  What did you think of the first episode?

Have you seen the following Video-picture montage by LovesClaysVoice?  It features screencaps from the first episode of Celebrity Apprentice.  Thanks. LCV!


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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “And The Beat Goes On!”

  1. Good Morning Everyone….what did I think of CA…I think our Mr. C is certainly planning his strategy…you can almost see the wheels turning! Can't wait til Sunday night!
    Be sure to visit for info on a May 20th viewing party!

  2. Yes, I saw that article…but, it was kind of misleading. Clay is not fighting the Catholic church. He is just against this amendment..and rightly so. I just went and voted on this Eligible Bachelor Site..and he is still #2. Yea!!!

    That video on ET Online is cool. Clay is sure large and in charge too. Makes me even more excited to see the Medieval Episode next Sunday. Watched the "Money" montage. Very well done!!!

  3. So glad you got back home to your computer and found all this wonderful Clay stuff for us! I watched CA on Sun. and am so impressed with Clay. He is the youngest male "apprentice" and seems to be the most mature. I'm sure he'll go far…and hopefully win it all for NIP.

  4. Thanks for posting so much information in your article today. I have been voting on the site to make Clay the #1 bachelor. I had read the article about Clay vs Catholic Church. Yes it is totally misleading. I loved the preview of next week's show. I laughed at Dee in the dress!! I am really looking forward to the show. Also thanks for the great montage with clips from last week's show. It is so awesome to have Clay on TV each week.

  5. Thanks for all the great Clay information that you bring for us to read, videos and pics. I love this montage with clips from last week's show.
    I am gonna love seeing Clay on TV each week from now on. I just think he is so great on the show. Can't wait again for this Sunday. xD

  6. You are spoiling us. We can just come here and get all the Clay news in one place.

    Thank You!!

    I am so proud of Clay and how he seems to have his act together. He has set some goals and wants to make sure he reaches them.

    I hope Clay continues to do well each week.

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