Clay Aiken – Carnegie Hall

Here are a few pictures from Clay’s performance at Carnegie Hall.  I really like them and hope you do too.  Many thanks to the Clack-gathers.  They always seem to come through.

Tomorrow, I am flying back to California.  Hopefully, I can get the schedule for CANN  back to normal.


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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Carnegie Hall

  1. Why on why did they not let him sing! I know it was all about the kids, but it's CARNEGIE HALL people!! Loved it! Safe travels musicfan!

  2. Love those pictures, Clay looks so handsome! Thanks to all the fans who share their talents. Have a safe trip home.

  3. I have been watching the video's from Carnegie Hall….and the music is just so beautiful. Clay's narrating is spot-on. I loved seeing his beautiful face all the time I was enjoying the music. They are a great bunch of talented kids in that Chorale Group. Kudo's to them!

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