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As the week comes to a close, it is fun to look back at all the great “Clack” that has been published.  From the Celebrity Apprentice Promotion and the first episode to the two appearances at Carnegie Hall,  the internet has been filled with amazing pictures and videos.  If this continues each week, maybe an external hard-drive will be a necessity.

It was a difficult job (Ha Ha), but I went through the pictures and picked some for todays blog.  I would love to know which picture is your favorite.



Remember, you can see the picture in its original size by just clicking on the picture!!

Which one is your favorite?

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35 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Picture Perfect

  1. My personal favorite is #1 – It is very elegnt and Clay looks so handsome and the epitome of Class!
    He looks full of inspiration and ready to give a very serious speech! No one would doubt this man's
    intelligence. <3

  2. Number 6 is my favorite if you hold a gun to my head, hahaha, but I love them all! #6 is on my computer desktop. Yum!!

  3. Wow, I love them all but I think 1 and 6 are my favorites. 🙂 thanks for the swoon worthy pictures of Clay!

  4. The perfect one is the shot he washing vegetables, so adorable 😉 Anyway, I chose #1 among these above

  5. I love all the pics…I especially love #1 and #3. The #4 picture makes Clay look so young, just as he appeared on AI2. Maybe it's the light coloured suit? Love the shoulders in #5. #8 to me, looks like Clay is just taking everything in and listening. There are just so many facets to Clay, I think that is why it is so hard to decide. Love them all….lol

  6. I love #7 because I remember what Clay said to the man who gave him a credit card and offered $500 for the sandwich. Clay said “this is a platinum card, you can do better than $500”. The gentleman then gave $1000! Of course I love all the photos of Clay.

    • Welcome….What an exciting time you must have had. Singing at Carnegie Hall is an honor and when you add Clay to the event, it makes it extra special.

      Congrats to you and your choir!

  7. I love #1 (then again I'm a real sucker for those broad shoulders so I fantasize about #5) LOL Sorry…


  9. I can't pick. It is whichever one I am looking at at the moment! Not fair I know…but I just can't pick.

  10. What a gorgeous person Clay is, in any of his many guises. Picking a favorite pic of Clay is always a hard choice, but I'll go with #6 as my favorite out of this bunch.

  11. My favorite picture is #1. He is so "thud worthy" in that one. The lighting is perfect.

    Thanks CANN for all the hard work you put into this blog each and everyday.

  12. #7 ! Natural Hair and "Auctioneer Clay" all rolled into one! A touch of Clayton Grissom hawking cassette tapes from the swayback machine

  13. I think my favorites are #1 and #2 because he looks so happy. I think he really enjoyed the children's voices.

  14. I have to pick #7 because it shows Clay in action showing us he has what it takes to possibly go all the way and win this thing.

  15. I love seeing Clay in action and he looks really good too, so I am choosing #7 as my favorite. It has a very colorful background with many customers enjoying the goings on. It's definitely an interesting picture and one that will surely be a great reminder of that particular event.

  16. It is hard to pick.I like #6 because he is in a suit.I love all the suit pictures-so classy! I also love #7 because he is wheeling and dealing to get more money out of the customer for his sandwich.

  17. I love number 6 and 7 the most …. 6 because I love his smile and 7 because I loved watching him working hard while everyone is looking at him
    But they all are gorgeous pics!.

  18. Gosh, I can't pick just one, either!! I started out with #1, he's standing so straight, so handsome and "inspired" (good word); plus #3 coz he's so cute and his mouth looks like he's about to say something snarky, haha; and #7, coz I love Clay the gala auctioneer running up the bids for his NIP kids — but then, well, I had to add #2 coz it's nice he obviously enjoys the choir so much; and #4 because I agree, he's so young and AI-looking he touches me; and #5 coz of Those Shoulders and That Profile, thud!; and #6, Those Eyes, gah!; and #8, coz I'm intrigued with this serious, pensive look…

    So I won't pick just one. But it was a whole lot of fun checking them out, LOL. Thank you so much for selecting them all for us, good job!!

  19. # 6 Is on my desktop it is a great picture, thank you for all your input I check this webside daily.
    Rita Jaxv. Fl.

  20. For me, it's a choice between #5 with the broad shoulders to thud for…or #6 which is my computer desktop right now…because he looks so sexy in it….and, those eyes…they'll get you every time.

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