Clay Aiken – Proud To Be A North Carolinian


From Protect All NC Families:

Clay Aiken is proud to be a North Carolinian…and proud to speak against Amendment One.

Listen to Clay explain how Amendment One will harm ALL NC families.

Then, please consider donating to help defeat Amendment One.

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The following article was published on WRAL Website.

Clay Aiken says marriage amendment goes ‘way too far’

RALEIGH, N.C. — Former “American Idol” contestant Clay Aiken is proud of his home state, but not of the proposed amendment to the state constitution that would ban same-sex marriages.

He spoke out about the amendment in a video posted to YouTube Monday.

“Families looks different. They have always looked different. You have single-parent families, families with parents of different races, families with parents of different religions,” he said in the video. “No matter what we want a family to look like, we can’t put into a constitution – a document that is supposed to protect our rights – one narrow definition.”

Aiken, who appeared on “American Idol” in 2003 and announced he was gay in 2008, was featured in the video for the group Protect All N.C. Families.

The amendment, which will appear on May’s primary ballot, would define marriage as being between one man and one woman and outlaw civil unions.

Aiken, who has a son with longtime friend Jaymes Foster, said it would ultimately hurt the children of non-traditional families.

“I think an amendment like this goes way too far,” he said. “It will take away protections from kids who, right now, may have access to healthcare because one of their parents has healthcare at work.”

Raleigh pastor Dr. Patrick L. Wooden, who appeared on Saturday’s “On the Record” program, said the Bible defines marriage as being between one man and one woman.

“We just believe that the definition should be redefined in the state of North Carolina,” he said.

North Carolina is the only state in the Southeast without a constitutional amendment limiting marriage to one man and one woman, but same-sex marriage is against the law already.

Wooden said that giving the Bible’s definition of marriage constitutional protection is the “will of the people.”

An Elon University poll published in September, however, found that 56 percent of North Carolina residents oppose the amendment.

The only way protect marriage, Wooden said, is to get out and vote on May 8.

“I just hope that those of us who are in favor of the amendment don’t assume that it’s a done deal or a slam dunk and we stay home and wake up the next morning shocked,” he said. “Get out and vote and allow your votes to be heard.”


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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Proud To Be A North Carolinian

  1. Very well said! Love that Clay is so proud of his home state and will do anything to help. Great interview, hope people listen and help out!

  2. Clay is a excellent spokesperson for this cause as he deeply believes in equality for all. Thank you Clay.

  3. I'm glad that Clay has opportunities to use his voice concerning issues he's passionate about.

  4. i agree, clay is a great spokesman for this cause, hope that this amendment does not go through, we are all 'God's' children no matter what we are.

  5. I love how Clay speaks up for his beliefs. NC should be proud to have such a passionate spokesman, who is so into equality FOR ALL.

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