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Today is Valentine’s Day!  Last year, Clay Aiken was performing at Jones Hall in Houston, Texas.  The concert was part of Aiken’s Tried & True Tour.  In part of the PR that was a part of this Valentine’s Concert, Clay said that all the music would be love songs and it was perfect for Valentine’s Day.  He said:

…Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come and show their love of the person that they are with, regardless of who they are and who they are with. I hope to see everyone there.

My two favorite love songs that Clay Aiken sings are Something About Us and Bring Back My Love.  They both should be heard many times today!!  What is your favorite Love song that Clay sings?

Did you know that:

  • Approximately 141 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually?
  • Women purchase 85% of all Valentines.
  • The first commercial Valentine’s card was produced in 1840
  • Since red stands for strong feelings, the red rose is a flower of love.

Since 2005, Clay Aiken and Valentine’s Day have never quite been the same.  Most fans of Clay Aiken will always remember the excitement that filled our televisions and hearts when we watched Clay and Jimmy Kimmel celebrate Valentine’s Day together that February.

Surrounded by the love of his fans, Clay took the stage with a huge smile on his face. Both Jimmy and Clay seemed amazed and somewhat awed by the amount of gifts that were brought by Clay’s fans.  There were red and white balloons, flowers, cute stuffed animals and lots and lots of pizza.  Jimmy commented that there were even more gifts backstage.

There was no doubt that Clay Aiken and Jimmy Kimmel were friends.  They chatted together and included the audience in their fun.  Their friendly banter made February 14th a day to remember.

Jimmy and Clay spent their second Valentine’s Day together in 2007.  As in the previous celebration, Clay’s fans enthusiastically greeted Clay and had a good laugh when Clay gifted Jimmy with a shirt with his picture on it.

The highlight of the evening was a wonderful Valentine song that Clay performed while picking through candy hearts.  It was sweet, funny, and original, all at the same time.

Thank you to Clay Aiken and Jimmy Kimmel for making Valentine’s Day special and memorable.

Would you like to re-live those two special nights?  If so, please click on the videos.  They are special performances and are guaranteed to make you smile.



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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Perfect For Valentine’s Day

  1. Happy Valentines Day everyone! Oh my, Clay is looking so YOUNG these days! Thanks for posting those wonderful video's. Loved watching them again! Clay Aiken can be MY Valentine ANYday!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!!
    Right now, I would have to say I love listening to "Bring Back My Love". Such a beautiful song. But there are so many that I love by Clay.
    Nice seeing the videos of Clay on Kimmel again. It use to always be so much fun when Clay appeared on his show…Hope Clay gets to go back to see Jimmy soon.

  3. Happy Valentines Day to all! It’s a great day to put on some romantic Clay songs. :). I hope Clay is on Jimmy’s show again soon.

  4. Thanks so much for the article on Valentine's Day. I think Clay's music is the perfect music for this special day as well as all the other days! I love it!

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