Clay Aiken Sings With Kelly Clarkson

It was just a normal Tuesday night.  Nothing special was in the plan…the TIVO was set to record Glee and we were ready to watch NCIS.

BUT……..WAIT……….Clay is in Biloxi, Mississippi???  On the stage of The Hard Rock Live Theater???  He is singing Open Arms with Kelly Clarkson???

I have no idea what happened on NCIS, but I sure had fun watching the tweets that came across the Internet.  It was so much fun seeing the positive comments from both Kelly and Clay fans.

The following are a few of the tweets that I found…

Have seen Kelly Clarkson 3 times in concert now & has been awesome yet again! A laser show & Clay Aiken made it more fun!

Had an awesome time tonight! Clay Aiken made a surprise appearance and sang Journey’s “Open Arms” with Kelly. Pictures coming soon!

@kelly_clarkson and Clay Aiken doing “Open Arms”. Journey woulda been proud

That moment at the @kelly_clarkson concert when Clay Aiken comes out for “open arms” duet. Thank you for tonight Kelly!

Clay Aiken sang Open Arms w Kelly…super cool! Heard the songs we wanted 🙂

Clay Aiken came on stage with Kelly Clarkson tonight and they did a surprise duet. (: it was awesome.

@kelly clarkson Thanks For Such a Great Show In Biloxi !!!!! Clay Aiken Was A GREAT Surprise!!! – VJBrendan – New Orleans!

@clayaiken and @kelly_clarkson sharing the stage again on V-day! I bet they sounded AMAZING 2gether 2 nite! ;~) 

AND…there is CLACK!!!


There is a short Video!! See it below or click here

I get a kick out of the “games” Clay plays with us.  He was asked more than once on Tuesday when he would be singing with Kelly.  He even tweeted the following answer:

Look where she is playing. It shouldn’t b 2 hard 2 guess 😉@clayaiken Will u please tell what @kelly_clarkson concert u will b singing?”

Maybe there will be more “Clack” today.  That would be fun!!

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14 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Sings With Kelly Clarkson

  1. EEEE! I live so close to Biloxi, MS. That's also where I saw Clay and Ruben perform last year! Hope there is MORE clack, and maybe closer to the stage?? *g* Can't get enough of that man singing. It's so awesome that Clay and Kelly can still be such great friends!

  2. I was so excited to see those tweets myself! Clay and Kelly are wonderful together. Maybe a sign of things to come? hmmmmm 🙂

  3. I don't tweet so it is so nice of you to post all of this information here and also the pics
    are so appreciated. Watched the the video and it was so exciting seeing it was a surprise
    for the Valentines Day concert with Kelly!! 🙂

  4. What an amazing surprise! They sounded great, fingers crossed that we get more video and the entire song!

  5. Clay and Kelly have always been very cute together and truly are very good friends and it's a relationship that will last forever. Love the pics and video, (though not up to our Clack quality) 😉

  6. I love how they both are so casual and natural on stage. No fancy stage setups, just them and their bands. They look so cute together, hope we see more of this.

  7. This brings back memories of the Independent Tour from so many years ago. When Kelly was interviewed about sharing the bus with Clay, she said "He's a goober!" They really like one another. Thanks for this post.

  8. Loved watching the video…glad someone was able to capture it. Two great voices on stage…no gimmicks, smoke & mirrors…just pure talent… Loved it!!!!

  9. Clay and Kelly sounded great together. We need to teach the Kelly fans how to take better video though. Ha! Ha! But seriously, I was very happy to see the short video we did get. Hopefully some clearer photos will turn up soon.

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