Clay Aiken – Reach For The Stars

Sometimes fun pictures are the only way to go. And we can add a theme!!

How About: Reach For The Stars!













Do You Have A Favorite?

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18 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Reach For The Stars

  1. That picture from Houston is an attention grabber!!!!! OMG!!! Always been my favorite, and the other photo's are just fantastic! Reach for it baby!!

  2. Now this was hard – loved every “reaching for the stars”

    The best I can choose is – #3, 9, 10, 11 !!!!

    Musicfan you picked a great theme of pics. Thanks!

  3. Raise your hand if your sure! I know I'm dating myself…very old commercial. LOL Love me a confident man and he always looks like he's having a fantastic time!

  4. great pics! love them all, still such a wonderful singer, listen to clay everyday and read his newsletters every morning, keep it up clay!

  5. Love the pictures….Takes me back to the SRHP 2007 tour…When Clay was trying to be "Cool"!!!! I think he was cool…and IS cool. I like them all, but I'll pick #11…cause we will find more about this pic on CApp…when it airs…..I'm so anxious to see what this is all about…..

  6. Okay – All are great photos. Love #11 the best. It's one of the more recent ones – and has a smiling happy Clay – having a great time – reaching up high – with a toast to everyone – and giving off a fantastic vibe. Even though it's slightly blurred, it is a wonderful action shot. I'm also enamored with how good-looking Clay looks in his colorful beach themed shirt and lei.

  7. my fav picks are 9because hes singing and 11smileing clay when he gives a toast to everyone and hes giving an amazing vibe its a verry great action shot thanks

  8. I like them all, but I think #11 stands out more he looks like he's having a great time and looks like CApp groups were having a lot of fun with Clay doing the toast!!! 2 more weeks and we will all be watching the most anticipated appearance of Clay on Celebrity App.

  9. No doubt about it #11 is my favorite. He looks so happy and Wow Handsome. It looks like everyone was having a great time too.

  10. # 2 & 6 cause he's swingin' the waist around. It looks like he's singing "Baby Got Back." (I could be wrong.)

  11. I have to pick #6 because I was there!! It was hotter than hell, the bugs were out in full force, and there was a skunk! Best concert ever–got the hand touch in the line that went on forever–so much excitement–I'll never forget it!!!

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