Clay Aiken – Kiss His…Foot!

It is always dangerous when I have time to work on organizing my computer.   Well, dangerous… or, hopefully fun…I often find videos or pictures that I had completely forgotten about.

In 2006, a new show premiered called American Idol Extra. Shown on the Fox Reality Channel, the show was billed as “the show that picks up right where American Idol leaves off.”  The show interviewed each week’s eliminated contestant and also interviewed Idol contestants from the past.  The show lasted for four seasons and used former Idols as the hosts for the show, including Ace Young, Mikalah Gordon, and Matthew Rogers.

On April 3, 2008, the show traveled to Broadway to interview Clay Aiken at The Shubert Theater.  Clay was starring as Sir Robin in the award winning musical, Spamalot.  The interviewer attended the show and then sat down to talk to Clay.  The interview was short, but covered many points:

  • The announcer said that Clay had a first rate career ever since being on Idol with top ranked CDs, sold out concerts, and now Spamalot.
  • Clay said it was important to make the role fresh each night.
  • They chatted about having to learn to dance, talk, walk and smile at the same time.
  • Clay commented that he did well if he was taught the dance steps but was not good doing something different.
  • He took the interviewer on a tour of the wig room.
  • They talked about living in New York.
  • They also talked about Clay’s new CD.
  • They showed short clips of the bus with Clay’s picture plus some of the show.
  • Clay mentioned that Simon always called contestants Broadway…when he was trying to put them down. Clay said that Broadway performers are some of the most talented people around and that Simon can kiss his—foot!

It was a fun interview and Clay seemed very relaxed.  It is always fun to see positive interviews with Clay.

Have you seen this interview before?  Did you enjoy it?


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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Kiss His…Foot!

  1. Hi, i've enjoyed clay aiken's interviews, he's so articulate, i enjoy everything about him ,songs, videos, interviews, newsletters, etc. he's a great guy, looking forward to his new album.

  2. AH that was so much fun to see again, I loved Clay Aiken in Spamalot, I hope he does Broadway again some day.

  3. Loved that interview with Clay. I hadn't heard of that show before, nor had I seen that interview.
    Being from Northern Ireland we only got to see AI but not the Extra show.
    Thanks Margaret

  4. Wow…I've never seen that interview before! Thank you so much for bringing it here! Love the pics. Clay's such a handsome fella and can pull off any hair color and style! Just an all around good looking guy! 🙂

  5. I found the cluster map very informative. Had hoped there would be more from Northern Ireland. Thanks again for "Kiss His….Foot " interview.


    • Margaret…I am so glad that you are a part of our family here.

      I enjoy the Clustermap too. Its fun to see that we have readers from all over the world.

  6. So good to see that interview. It's funny because there was just an article on Betty Buckley from Broadway complaining about the same thing…that Randy was putting people down by saying that sounded like Broadway. Clay put them straight when he said that he thinks the people on Broadway are the best and the hardest working.

    Anyway, Clay sure is cute in that interview. Wonder if he will ever have his hair blond again? I love him in the blond hair.

  7. I've never seen this interview before, so thanks for posting it. I did see Clay in Spamalot twice and loved every minute. Wish they had made a DVD of the show so we could watch it again and again.

  8. Thanks for posting this video. I had seen it before but had forgotten about it. Clay is so funny, but what he says is right on. Performers on Broadway are very talented and work extremely hard putting on 8 shows a week.

  9. Thanks Musicfan…catching up here…I loved watching that video again….It's funny how Clay is talking about Simon saying people are Broadway. Someone last week, gave AI a put down, saying that they are tired of the comparisons. People that can do Broadway…can pretty well do anything…they are that talented…. Thank you for this.

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