Clay Aiken – Fun Bits and Pieces!

Friday – It was a fun day…the end of the work- week and a day that gave us many fun bits and pieces of news about Clay Aiken.


  1. New Featured Contest at Clay’s Official Fan Club: The OFC is giving each member the chance to win a pair of tickets to the Reflections of Life event at Carnegie Hall on February 20th.  There will be 4 winners picked randomly from the members who enter the contest.  If you would like to attend, be sure and check this out and enter by February 13th.
  2. US Weekly MagazineThe February 13, 2012 issue has a 4-page article titled Mad About Downton.  The article includes The List of 25 Celeb Who Watch Downton. Clay’s name is included on the list.  Not a huge deal, but fun to see Clay’s name in the magazine.
  3. Yahoo Music: This popular website is running a poll for the week.  The poll is titled, What is the Best Album by an Idol Alum.  They list only 5 Idols: Carrie Underwood, Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, and Fantasia.  For Clay, they chose Measure of A Man.  So, lets get your voting fingers ready to vote for Measure of A Man.  You can reach the poll at YAHOOPOLL
  4. The Christian Post:  This site published an article about Celebrity Apprentice.  It caught my eye because of the titleClay Aiken to Star in Celebrity Apprentice With Teresa Giudice…love that Clay is considered the “star.”  You can read this short article at CHRISTIAN POST  
  5. LALATE:  This popular entertainment site has always supported Clay Aiken.  On Friday, they posted an article about Clay that included a great picture.  The headline readsClay Aiken Excited, But Nervous About Celebrity Apprentice Launch.  Be sure and visit this site and read the article.  It would be great to leave a comment there too.  Leaving a comment lets the site know we want more about Clay.  To read the article click on LALATE.
  6. Tweet From Clay:  Clay posted a fun picture within the tweet.  QUOTE:   Just got an advance copy of the first episode of #CelebApprentice ! Excited… and a bit nervous! Let the games begin!

Are you getting excited to watch Clay on Celebrity Apprentice?  Have you ever watched the show before?



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16 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Fun Bits and Pieces!

  1. never watched celebrity apprentice but it sounds interesting especially since clay aiken will be in it, looking forward to it, great fan of clay.

  2. haven't watched the show but sounds interesting so i will be watching especially since clay aiken will be on there, i'm a big fan of his, hope he gets lots of money for his foundation, he's so dedicated to whatever he does, great guy!

  3. It’s always fun to see Clay in the news. I haven’t watched CA before but I can’t wait to see it with Clay, 😉

  4. Looks like Mr Clay is in the public eye more than ever right now. Playing his cards right and just being his wonderful self. See where it's taking him? Straight up!!! Go Clay!!!

  5. I am SO excited for the show to start ! I have watched the show before, the one with Gene Simmons, I think Trace Adtkins won that season. It is a good show and I can't wait to see Clay in action !

  6. Here is another fun bit. Yesterday when I was doing the crossword puzzle in the newspaper, the hint for #54 down was "American Idol" success Clay. I didn't have to think hard to fill in that blank!

  7. I have not watched the Celebrity Apprentice until I heard Clay would be a contestant. I've finished 3 seasons and I'm now in the middle of watching the last season. I can't wait for Clay's season to start and not just because of Clay. I'm a fan of the show now.

  8. What is happening with the Yahoo vote? Where are the Claymates.
    Read and commented at LALATE. Thanks Musicfan for all the info.

  9. I am voting but there must be a lot of people not voting for he doesn't have many votes at this time. Come on everyone, let's get Clay's name at the top!!!

  10. Hi Musicfan, Can you post a link to yahoopoll at the OFC as no-one seems to know about voting. Margaret

  11. I have never watched Celebrity Apprentice before. But, I sure will be watching this year. Only 2 more weeks…and I am overly excited about it.

  12. Kind of ticked off at the Yahoo poll. Clay was gaining really fast and there were still five days to go. When I went back to vote, the poll had been replaced by a different one.

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