Clay Aiken – News, Views, and More – Part 2

Seems like there is a lot of articles about Celebrity Apprentice and the O’Cedar Mop episode.  The following are some of the reviews that were posted on Monday.

Philly 2 Philly

Lou Ferrigno Shines After Clay Steps Up To Penn

Things came to a head between Clay Aiken and Penn Gillette. Clay finally got fed up with Penn’s pompous attitude and unwillingness to give any of Lou’s ideas a chance. This was a turning point for the men’s team who have been looking to get rid of Lou for a few weeks now. Arsenio and Clay stuck up for Lou and helped him during the video shoot.

Suffice it to say, Lou did a hell of a job with his performance in the men’s video. They filmed him with an apron on while dancing with the mop. And, his opening line was “I’ll mop the floor with you.” It was cute, clever, quick, and to the point.

Aubrey O’Day Is The Cancer on the Women’s Team

It was clear that the women weren’t so sold on Tia’s leadership. Aubrey O’Day who is the cancer on the women’s team, made a comment about how this was a perfect project for Tia to lead since the company is “100 years old, like Tia.”

You can read the entire article at PHILLY



The Celebrity Apprentice: Season 12, Week5:  Tia Carrere Gets Fired

Like Clay Aiken said, Tia probably would not have been fired if she had just fought. For me, it matters not who wins or whether someone wants to stay on the show and fight it out 100%. But for the sake of the charity, it seems very selfish to admit defeat on Celebrity Apprentice. If you are going to go on a show that is mostly about winning money for charity, at least fight for the cause.

….I thought Penn Gillette was a favorite, but he seems to be getting on people’s nerves. Penn has always been very opinionated on a variety of issues, but it seems like sly little Clay Aiken is crafting a strategy to get rid of Penn because he knows he’s strong competition. There’s nothing wrong with stating your opinion as a team member, and it’s up to the project manager to get someone back on the straight and narrow if a member is getting too disrespectful.

WRITINGSHARES  is the link to the entire review.


Another interesting take on last night….and with a YouTube. The site is – magic news

Why Did Penn Jillette’s Crew Laugh in His Face?

We long picked up on the simmering freinemy rivalry between Celebrity Apprentice cast members Clay Aiken and Penn Jillette. By and large, to this point, it’s been the larger, louder half of P&T using the American Idol runner-up as a punchline in interviews or discussing their relationship on his new hit podcast Penn’s Sunday School.

This week however, was he first time that Penn and Clay really matched wits on the reality competition. And lo, came the commentary from Penn’s podcast pulpit.

Specifically, how trivial and stupid his side of the feud was found to be by his long-time crew.  Here is the link for the entire article.  iTRICKS


Celebrity News and Style

Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Recap:  Tia Throws Herself Under a Bus

Lou wanted to use a superhero aspect but Penn Jillette disagrees, constantly being negative. Clay Aiken didn’t like that and spoke up about people “setting up Lou to fail” and being condescending. This earned Arsenio Hall’s respect. They wanted to win for Lou’s sake, which I liked.

Paul Sr. came up with the phrase, “I’ll mop the floor with you.”

The link for this site is CELEBRITY – Happiness Is A Warm TV

Celebrity Apprentice’: Clay Aiken takes on Penn Jillette

Finally, there was a little Clay Drama in last night’s “Celebrity Apprentice.”

In this photo, Clay Aiken is in the act of telling off Penn Jillette. During a brainstorming session, Penn was critical of the ideas of project manager Lou Ferrigno, and it got on Clay’s last nerve. Clay went off, telling Penn he believed he was setting Lou up to fail and calling Penn’s attitude “condescending.” Penn listened quietly as Clay clenched his fists and exclaimed, “It’s frustrating the hell out of me!”

As “Celebrity Apprentice” face-offs go, it was pretty lowkey, perhaps because Penn didn’t really engage, he just sat and listened with a scary look on his face. But apparently, the men are intimidated by the Vegas magician so they were impressed that Clay stood up to him on behalf of Lou. Arsenio Hall was especially impressed, commenting that Clay was “handling his business.” Lou was also grateful and commended Clay for “putting Penn in his place.”

Lou also compared Penn to the devil, so …
Clay also helped Lou with his enunciation after he had trouble with his lines. Clay pointed out that before his singing career, he worked helping kids with speech problems. His tips seemed to help. And it looked like Clay and Arsenio did a lot of the directing for the video and Dee Snider helped with editing.

And then there was Clay’s awwwwkwaarrrd talk with Penn to try to patch things up. Turns out “condescending” is a trigger word for Penn and he was still very upset by Clay’s lecture. “I have never felt more set-up in my life,” Penn told him. They talked but didn’t get anywhere and things were definitely not “patched.”

Clay told the camera that with Penn, he “tried to find a silver lining and cannot.”

In the boardroom …

Lou told Donald Trump that he believed his team won because they gave 110% (drink now) and Clay said this time it was more like 120%.

There was no bickering. It was mostly Trump asking people questions and then interrupting them when they tried to answer, and Trump praising Lou for being so Incredible. Trump also asked Clay if “Celebrity Apprentice” was harder than “American Idol” and Clay said yes. Trump then told Clay that he thought he should have won “Idol.” I guess that means Ruben Studdard won’t be invited to the cast next season…

The men won the challenge, which meant the women had to stick around and fight it out in the boardroom……

The entire review can be found at NEWSOBSERVER


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