Clay Aiken – One More Day!

It is Saturday and only one more day before we see Clay Aiken on Celebrity Apprentice.  However, Clay is still in the news.  It seems that everyone wants to put in their 2 cents about Clay and his career.

The Internet site, TV After Dark has been posting about Celebrity Apprentice each week and rating the  contestants.  Their article is always fun to read.  This week, they had the following to say about Clay:

Some may call him the peacemaker of the season, others may call him the guy who should have won American Idol. I’d like to call him the future winner of celebrity apprentice! He has proven himself as a conflict solver, project manager, and creative leader. Trump would be crazy to let this creative genius escape with second place again.

Be sure and visit the site to see the top 5 celebrities…and…don’t forget to throw in a vote at the site for Clay in a poll about who we think will win Celebrity Apprentice.  You can visit the site at TVAFTERDARK.

Steadfast, the new CD from Clay Aiken was produced by Decca Records.  This week, they posted on FaceBook about Steadfast and included a link for an easy way to request Bring Back My Love on the radio.   The following is what they posted:

Decca Records ‏ @DeccaRecordsUS

Help @ClayAiken‘s #BringBackMyLove find it’s way to your local radio station! Check out the new radio request app at

I think this is something that all of us in the USA can get behind.  I would love to hear Clay on the radio.

Would you like to attend the finale of Celebrity Apprentice in New York?   If you think it would be fun, O’Cedar has a contest to win a trip to New York to see the taping of the finale.  If you are a resident of the USA, you can apply each day  at the Facebook site after you LIKE the site.  You will have to look for the Celebrity Apprentice Sweepstakes section and click on that – trip for two to NYC and tickets to the finale.   Now, this is something I would love to win.


A popular radio station in Washington is running a poll titled Who Deserves A Second Chance.  It is a 4 week poll which started with 16 American Idol stars that did not win.  This is the third week and Clay is still in the running. Why not throw in a vote for Clay and check in each day to help him win.  You can find this Poll at WASH-FM


The Internet site, Spoiler TV published a short paragraph about the April 15th episode of Celebrity Apprentice.  It really looks like it will be a fun show.

This week, the teams must create their own puppets and perform in front of a live audience for Henson Alternative’s “Stuffed and Unstrung” improv show. One outspoken Celebrity struggles to be a team player. On the other team, another Celebrity fights for a role in the task, but is marginalized and has a breakdown. Both teams put their improvisational skills to the test, but only one is declared the winner and another Celebrity hears Donald Trump’s dreaded words, “You’re fired!” Boardroom advisors: Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump

So…who do you think has trouble being a “team player”

Who  might have a breakdown?

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  1. I may be wrong but Lisa seemed sooo stressed out on the last preview of tomorrow's show, she's a fighter though so hard to say, or maybe Dayanna, she's too nice, she may also be having trouble being a team player because she doesn't seem to get a chance to express her ideas.

  2. I hope Clay continues to be strong on CA. No breakdowns hopefully. I voted for him in the Second Chance contest and I've requested BBML on the Decca site. Go Clay!!

  3. I think Penn has trouble being a team player and I think Diayna has a breakdown because of being marginalized. JMO

    Love the articles that praise Clay for his leadership skills. I think many of us fans knew he already was a leader.

  4. I can't wait for tomorrow's CApp. Clay is very strong, and a great team player. He tries hard to bring positive energy to his team. I'm enjoying the men's team so much more than the women's, but I guess you've got to have all the drama, and the ladies have that in spades…….

  5. I'm thinking that it's Penn that has trouble being a team player and Lisa that has the melt down.
    So excited to see Clay donating the $$ to The National Inclusion Project. What wonderful exposure.

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