Clay Aiken – Who Is In It To Win

I am trying to catch up and post some more interesting article about the 4th episode of Celebrity Apprentice.  I think I might be a bit busy!!

Rodney Ho reported on Clay’s participation on Episode 4.  Rodney writes an American Idol blog for Access Atlanta.  Roday says:

Clay Aiken on “Celebrity Apprentice” is clearly “in it to win it,” as Randy might say.

After four episodes, he’s shown to be catty at times but bright, cunning and hard working, all good attributes to succeed on this show. Last week, he felt George Takei wasn’t leading very well and implied this to one of Donald Trump’s sons without actually saying so by giggling a bit when asked the question. He also didn’t follow a gay stereotype by knowing a lot about fashion, the topic of last week’s challenge.

This week, Clay didn’t do much to draw attention. With the men’s team losing for the second week in a row, the spotlight was squarely on Michael Andretti (ousted for not helming a car-related project), Adam Carolla (who took the second bullet as project manager) and Lou Ferrigno (who survived despite the fact his teammates find him useless.)

Clay has made a few sly references to “Idol.” Last night, he said at one point to Trump that the boardroom is far rougher than any “Idol” elimination.

Good to read a article that sees that Clay is playing the game well.  Please visit AccessAtlanta.  Rodney has a lot of information about American Idol and usually posts info about alumni.

Radar Online published an article about the double elimination…too bad they didn’t mention Clay.  You can read the article at RADAR

Rolling Stone also posted a long article about the show.  They talk a lot about Trump firing 2 people.  ROLLING STONE

ESPN Page 2  has an interesting article about Michael Andretti and his departure from Celebrity Apprentice.  by Lynn Hoppes wrote:

On Monday morning, racing legend Michael Andretti still was in a state of shock about being fired from NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” on Sunday night.

“If you watch the clip, you’ll see that I really was upset,” said Andretti, who had been on the elimination-style competition show for more than a month. “I had the feeling that they wanted to get me off the show.”

Andretti’s team was asked to promote the new Buick Verano. Everyone thought Andretti, with his racing background, was going to make the presentation, but the quiet son of Mario Andretti allowed comedian Adam Carolla to take the lead. Carolla flopped and was fired, but host Donald Trump said someone else should go too, and that was Andretti.

“His reason that we didn’t use our people correctly is bogus. It was all pretty confusing,” said Andretti, who is chairman, president and CEO of Andretti Autosport and runs two full-time driver programs in the IndyCar series. “I wanted to start screaming. It was very surprising.”

Andretti, who felt bad that his Racing for Cancer charity wasn’t going to receive the eventual prize money, said he wouldn’t rule out another role on reality TV.

“I came off pretty much the way I am. I’m not the kind of person who stirs up controversy. The only thing I didn’t like in the editing was it was showing me standing around a lot. I was always working,” Andretti said. “I’m disappointed more for my charity. I’m glad I did the show and the experience was a good one. I came away with a lot of friends.”

And the eventual winner will be?

“I think Clay Aiken,” Andretti said, “who is in it to win it.”

What a nice comment from Michael!!  Please visit ESPN and add a comment!

More to come….check back later!!


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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Who Is In It To Win

  1. He's in it to win it!!!! Thumbs up Clay! Poor Michael Andretti, I think that episode was all kinds of wrong and I hope it doesn't come back and bite NBC in the butt – people are upset

  2. Hated to see Michael go. I think he was fired b/c Trump was throwing a temper tantrum due to not getting his way. But, it's his show so…all we can do is complain. Love that Andretti has the same confidence in Clay that we do!

  3. I still think the men did a better job even though they could have cut back some on the comedy.

    I just watched the Wendy Williams Show. Michael and Marco were both on. Marco said that his Dad got shafted. Wendy asked what car did they drive and Michael said "Chevy".

  4. I like how Michael Andretti thinks regarding the ultimate winner. He seems like a great guy and shouldn't have been the one sent home. I've heard there's more to this story and I can't wait to hear it.

  5. Andretti was set up by GM, period, with boy tramp as their r+t. Lord, smythe the sleezeballs.

  6. I really appreciate all the links on here. It makes it so much easier for me as my time is rather limited. Many thanks…AND…I think the DONALD made a major mistake in his decision.

  7. I also was sorry to see Michael go – never thought I would say

    it but was sorry about Adam, too! It’s looking good for Clay!

    I am so looking forward to the next show. I think he is playing it very smart and will surprise so many people out there in TV Land!

  8. Too bad Michael was fired, such a nice guy, maybe too nice for the show, also sorry to see Adam go, but i guess that's the way the game has to be played._Happy to see that Clay is still hanging in there, I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for him.

  9. I was sorry to see Adam and Michael gone. I think the men's team was doomed, the moment that Michael wasn't the Project Manager. They wanted that Andretti name. Michael seems like such a nice man. Not everyone can stand up and do presentations. Adam brought lots of humour to the show as well. But it's a game, and I'm so glad that Clay is still in it…

  10. Yes, I do believe that Michael was fired because he didn't accept the job of PM. Adam was fired because he didn't pick two other members to bring back to the Board Room. But, what about Episode 3 when Dayana didn't have to even pick two other people? Favoritism..maybe?

    Anyway, I am glad that Clay is still in the game. Can't wait for next week now. Hee!!

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