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The following news was posted late Saturday night.

First…from Twitter


Stuffed Wrangler ‏ @Stuffedwrangler
The puppeteers from @stuffedunstrung backstage with @clayaiken
11:29 PM – 21 Apr 12 via Twitter for iPad
Everyone looks happy and relaxed.  What a great picture for Clay to put in his “scrap-book.”
On Saturday night, the GLAAD  23rd annual Media Awards were presented in Los Angeles, California.  The event honors outstanding images of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in the media.
Chaz Bono, the 43-year-old transgender activist and author was honored with the outstanding documentary prize and Stephen F. Kolzak Award at the 23rd annual Media Awards for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. Bono won along with directors Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato for “Becoming Chaz,” the OWN documentary that chronicled his gender transition.
Josh Hutcherson, a star from  “The Hunger Games” ,  won the Vanguard Award, which, according to the GLAAD Internet site:
lauds efforts to increase visibility and understanding of the gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender community. Earlier this year, he began working with the anti-bullying campaign Straight But Not Narrow. The 19-year-old actor is the youngest recipient to ever win the Vanguard Award.
According to the UPS:
Other honorees at Saturday night’s `s ceremony at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles were ABC’s “Modern Family” for comedy series, Focus Features drama “Beginners” starring Ewan McGregor and supporting actor Oscar winner Christopher Plummer for wide-release film, and Lifetime’s “Drop Dead Diva” and TV Land’s “Hot in Cleveland” in a tie for individual TV episode.
Do you remember that Clay Aiken  was cast in a role on Drop Dead Diva, a popular show on the Lifetime Network.
1. The story was based on the story of Constance McMillen, a Mississippi high school senior who was not allowed to attend her prom with her girlfriend.
2. Other guest stars for this episode included Lance Bass, Amanda Bearse, and Wanda Sykes.
3. Clay was cast as a marketing executive who is a witness in one of the law cases.
4. Clay’s character ends up being the bad guy.
5. Clay was in 2 different scenes in the show.
6. The real Constance McMillen had a walk-on role on the show.This episode received a great deal of press as it tackled a controversial topic in a non-lecturing way.
Congratulations to the creator of the show, Josh Berman, Sony Pictures Television who produced the show, Brooke Elliott who plays Jane, the lead character in the show.  Also congratulations to Clay Aiken for being a part of a winning show.
Are you ready for Celebrity Apprentice tonight?
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  1. Thanks for the the new picture (and some from memory lane) and the low down on the GLAAD Media Awards. Ever up to the minute. Thank you so much!

  2. Congrats to all the Glaad honorees, but in particular to Drop Dead Diva. Great episode. I really like modern family a lot as well and am glad that that they won.

  3. Great photos, Clay is so handsome, so smart, and has so many talents, looking forward to tonight's show. Thanks Musicfan.

  4. I would love for Clay's character to have a repeat performance on Drop Dead Diva – we could see him in orange coveralls 😉 congrats to all of the GLAAD Award Recipients! I'm having a love/hate relationship with Celebrity Apprentice right now LOL!!! I'll check back in tomorrow =)

  5. Yeah for Clay being a part of Drop Dead Diva's award. I sure hope Clay gets some more acting parts soon.

  6. I'm so glad that Clay was part of the Drop Dead Diva show that garnered this award. I remember it vividly! Thanks for another great photo from NC Hensen show too. I am SO ready for tonight's Celebrity Apprentice!

  7. Thank you so much, musicfan; 3:40AM wow, bless your heart! Certainly is up to the minute, and thank you for the fantastic photos. Margaret Cho nestling up, haha, people who know him just love him… I'm so glad for him and Drop Dead Diva, the show was great and at the panel they told us more about the real-life girl (her own story did not end happily, kids at school scammed her and her girlfriend and left them alone). Clay was only guest who showed for the panel, one was busy and one ill. Having him sitting right there answering questions was so much fun! He said he wanted to do it because the story was so good and he had such admiration for the gal, at her age fighting against all the PTB, and alone, took such enormous courage!! I'm proud of him for doing it, and so glad DDD is being recognized for it.
    I'm glad for Chaz too, he's such a nice person and put up with so much c*** from the judges on DWTS… but says one forgets that and he had a great time on the show, liked all the people, and "the camaraderie was great…it was the best year of my life."

  8. Did my comment not go through? I saw some text still sitting here… just wanted to add, sorry, I see it's 3:09AM, not 3:40AM, golly palooza!! Thanks again. and LOVE these pix!!

    • kacy….its really not so bad….remember, I am in California so it was just after midnight to me!!

  9. So glad for DDD being honored. Clay did a fantastic job! Can’t wait for Celebrity Apprentice tonight. Wishing Clay luck as PM.

  10. I loved all the photos of Clay-he looks fantastic. I am so glad Drop Dead Diva won a GLAAD award for the episode Clay was in. I am also happy we got to see a photo of Clay with the cast of Unstrung. He looks like he enjoyed being a part of the show. Thanks! Looking forward to TCA tonight.

  11. So glad that Clay got to guest with the puppeteers. I sure wish I could have seen the show.

    Also….nice to see that DDDD is getting the respect that it deserves.

    Thanks for posting this news!!

  12. Wish I could have been there. Clay was really good on Celebrity Apprentice. Boy is that man of ours talented!!


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