Clay Aiken – A Busy Day !

A YouTube of Clay’s performance on Tuesday night has been added to this article

Tuesday, May 8th, must have been a very busy day for Clay Aiken.  For fans of Clay, his busy schedule had many fans checking their computer a bit more than usual.

In the early afternoon, Clay visited the CNN studio in New York.  He had the opportunity to chat with Brooke Baldwin who anchors the CNN Newsroom weekdays from 2-4pm. Clay and Brooke talked about Amendment One,  a constitutional amendment that defines marriage solely as a union between a man and a woman.  Clay has been an active voice in his campaign to defeat the measure.  North Carolina held their election on Tuesday and Clay was asked to share his ideas about why he hopes the amendment is defeated.

Clay was articulate, knowledgeable, and was able to explain the pitfalls of the amendment so that the average person could understand.

A video of Clay’s discussion can be seen at at the following site.  I watched it twice and each time, I learned something new about the amendment.  Press on CNN for the video.  The  screencaps are from Cotton at the CV.  Thanks for sharing!


On Tuesday night, Clay was one of the  featured performers at the Family Equality Council’s Night at the Pier.  The night brought together  LGBT parents, allies, and honored guests to celebrate the progress we have made as a community of loving families towards full equality. The event included  cocktails, live music, silent auction and  a seated dinner.

There was at least one full table of Clay fans who were able to attend the event and support Clay and the organization.  According to their reports, Clay seemed  happy, confident and totally comfortable and was kind enough to pose for pictures with many of the guests.

Clay sang two songs.  He started off the performance with  This Is The Moment, from the Broadway musical, Jekyll and Hyde.  This seems to be one of Clay’s favorites as he performed it at a special performance when he was in high school.

Before his last song, Clay gave a heartfelt speech.  He talked about the fine work of the FEC and related it to Amendment One in North Carolina.

To close this part of the evening, Clay sang the beautiful song, Home, from the musical, The Wiz.  According to those in attendance, the audience became enthralled with this performance by Clay. Towards the end of the song, there was there was some spontaneous applause.  At the end there was much applause and cheering.

Don’t you wish you had been there?  I certainly miss hearing Clay sing.  I feel sure that there will be some videos of the event.  Please check back during the day as I will add any new information about the event and Clay’s performance.  We do have a few pictures of Clay at the event.  According to those in attendance, the suit was gray, not beige…the difference in the lighting and cameras made some pictures look the wrong color.


A big thank you to bigappleforclay for the video!

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Busy Day !

  1. Wow! He looked amazing and sounded even better. Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures. I can't imagine the audience NOT being completely taken in by that voice and he's such an eloquent and passionate speaker. No surprises there 🙂

  2. I was so wonderful to see Clay on CNN. He did a great job. Sounds like the show last night was a great show too. Love to see Clay keeping busy. 🙂

  3. What a wonderful speaker Clay is, as a Canadian I support Clay and am also against the amendment, he's done a great job supporting all his causes, great guy!

  4. Is he wearing a trump tie? This is my first celebrity apprentice. Does there come a time where we viewers get to support our favorite somehow? I record this show and watch it the next day. Would hate to miss supporting clay because I watched too late.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful evening!! I sure wish I had been there. Such a good cause.

    I was able to watch Clay on CNN yesterday. He is so well educated and spoken. How unfortunate that the bill passed in NC. I feel bad for the residents of NC that will be affected by this. Hopefully it will be put to a vote later on, and will be reversed. I understand that Durham County had high numbers to vote it down. That is a good sign. The day will come, and soon, that all people of NC will have human rights, as it should be.

  6. It sure was a busy day!! I was able to catch the CNN interview live and was so proud of Clay.
    So disappointing about the election results. But, things will change–it's hard to be patient, though.

    So funny about the suit looking a different color. Reminds me of when Clay sang at the NYC tree lighting. It looked as if he were wearing a blue hat in some pictures and it was actually gray!

    He looked stunning last night. Hoping to see video in the next few days.

  7. He does look stunning!! Love that hair, I don't care how he wears it usually but that cut just makes it look soooooo good!! And he is so witty and well-spoken, and love how he belts it out and makes all the chit-chatting dinner folks pay attention, haha. Proud of him, proud of being his fan, you bet!!

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