Clay Aiken – Pictures Say More Than Words!

Sometimes pictures say more than words.  The following pictures are from two different places…some are from the NBC/Celebrity Apprentice webpage and some are screencaps from the preview of the finale that was run last week.  A big thank-you to clayIzzaQT who shared the pictures with us.

Isn’t it a shame that NBC/Celebrity Apprentice didn’t show some of these scenes in the show last Sunday.  They really show how fabulous Clay’s charity event was put together.



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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Pictures Say More Than Words!

  1. Thank you for the pics Musicfan. Team Clay's room looks great. The Carnival theme blended in so perfectly with the "Let's All Play" National Inclusion Project's message. It's all about the kids. They all put so much hard work into putting this all together. Their message was loud and clear. Fantastic job, and it's unfortunate we didn't get to hear more of Clay's Team's performance. It looks like it was great. Plus from everyone that attended the party, it was fantastic. They didn't show that on tv. That is truly sad.

  2. Hey musicfan… my comment from the last 2 days have not shown up here…. can you see me?
    Thanks for all you do! Wonderful pictures!!

    • Hi Gay. Sorry for the delay. You should be able to see them now. Unfortunately for some reason your posts get filtered to the spam folder by the plugin I use to filter out spam posts. I usually check the spam folder frequently to retrieve your messages, but for the last couple of days I have been away most of the day from my computer because I have a relative in the hospital.

    • Gay…I am so glad that we got everything to work correctly. Silly that you get picked up as spam…but we will check to make sure we get your comments here.

      Are you going to the Gala this year?

      • Yes Martha, I WILL be going to the Gala! Oh and btw, for some reason CANN continues to go into MY spam folder too! WTH?? I keep clicking this this is NOT spam but it will NOT obey!! Glad you found me in your spam folder..I thought I was going crazy there for a minute! Thanks!!

        • We will have so much fun!! I look forward to seeing you in DC. I expect one of your wonderful hugs!!

  3. It would have been fantastic if Clay had won C.A., but just what would that have done to further his career? Yes, the $$ would have gone to NIP, but he raised more $$ than the final prize! I never watched C.A. before (and I’ll never have to watch it again), but can anyone tell me what a difference it has made in the careers of those who came in first? Clay was seen by millions and has proved himself to be a winner. Thanks for the wonderful pics.

  4. Love the pictures of Clay with the Hola Hoop. His party was so much fun. Unlike Arsenio`s with the X rated jokes.

  5. clay is indeed handsome and ilove the pictures with clay doing the hola hoop hes party was funn unlike arsinos with those dang x x rated jokes

  6. I am ecstatic to have finally seen some of the Clay team's CApp carnival themed pictures. Though the other year's winners may not have benefited too much from their CApp appearances, Arsenio is certainly set to do just that. Guess we will have to wait and see just how that unfairly gained and promised late night show works out.

    That last photo shows Clay applauding Arsenio's win. The way I see it, Clay's graciousness definitely portrays him as the bigger winner, even in an unjust defeat. Donald Trump's moral compass = fail.

  7. Love the pictures. Thanks for posting them

    I am trying to be positive and just remember what an awesome job Clay did on the program. Think how many people saw he each week…

    NOW…when do I get to hear Clay sing again?

  8. Thank you so much for posting these pictures.Clay and team did a great job of creating a fun atmosphere . I also wish we could have seen these on the finale and had seen more of Clay's team performance. I hope that the National Inclusion Project is getting lots of donations from people who watched the show and were unhappy with the outcome.

  9. Thank you so much for those great pictures. I have never seen them before. Sure wish we could have seen more of the performances..especially Clay. He was hardly even shown on his own production. What a shame! Oh, well, he did get seen by millions of people and TNIP also got a lot of recognition. So, it looks like Clay wins in all ways. But, of course, he is The Real Winner.

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