Clay Aiken – June…A Favorite Event!

Today is the first day of June, but apart from it being a month mid-way through the year heralding Winter/Summer depending on which hemisphere you live in, what else do you know about it?

Try these interesting facts out:

  • No other month begins on the same day of the week as June. This year, that day is Friday.
  • June 19th is the birthday of Garfield, a comic strip created by Jim Davis.
  • June’s flower is the rose or honeysuckle.
  • June’s birthstone is the pearl, Alexandrite, or moonstone.
  • June is National Turkey Lover’s Month. Americans consume more than 353 million pounds of turkey during National Turkey Lovers’ Month.
  • On June 19, 1997, Cats became the longest running show in the history of Broadway.
  • The very first baseball game was played on June 19,1845, across the Hudson River in Hoboken, New York.
  • June 1st also marks the start of Atlantic Hurricane Season, be careful!

Clay Aiken has done many things in the month of June.  One of my favorites events in June was Clay’s appearance on Good Morning America on June 1st, 2010.  Clay was there to promote his new CD, Tried & True.

Clay had a great chat with Robin Roberts.  It was rather short, but very positive and covered many topics.  When asked about his son, Parker, Clay answered that he was learning to live with less sleep…then he quickly changed the subject.

There were many fans that were able to see Clay in the studio.  They talked about Clay playing with some of the animals that were in the studio as part of the interview by Jack Hanna.

Clay was accompanied to the studio by his publicist, Cindi Berger and David Novak who worked with Clay on the album Tried & True.

Joined by a small band, Clay performed Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You.


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  1. Thanks for posting the backstage at GMA. I had never seen it before. June is a special month for me…my son was born on the 15th, my daughter-in-law on the 18th, and their wedding on the 29th!

  2. What great videos. Of course Clay sounds fantasic but seeing him with the animals is too adorable! 🙂

  3. I don't think I've ever seen that video of Clay holding all those animals! How cuuuute was that????

  4. Didn't one of his first CD (single?) releases after Idol come out around June 10th? I seem to remember it came out around my birthday and that made celebrating so much more fun!

    • I checked it out and:

      Bridge Over Troubled Water/This Is The Night
      Released: June 10, 2003

      Side A: Bridge Over Troubled Water
      Side B: This Is The Night

      First Week Sales: 393,000

      Peak chart positions:
      Hot 100: #1 (TITN) (2 weeks; debuted at #1)
      RIAA Awards:
      Gold – 7/15/03
      Platinum – 7/15/03

      • Thank you for posting the stats! Good to know my memory is still working in my old age. Say, I couldn't help but notice that the first week sales of the first release is divisible by three. Clay was knocked down on idol three times. (1st audition, round of eight, and the fiale). Then he went onto great success afterwards. Maybe his lucky number is 3 and not number 2? Just for. Fun was his first album first week sales divisible by 3? Perhaps celebrity apprentice is his round of eight in the tv world and his next tv venture will be the rocket boost he needs. I just hope he never pulls a bobby Sherman on us even though I'd still be proud of him if he did.

  5. This was certainly a great and exciting time!! For all of us!
    Personally for me, too! Two of my son were born in June – first June 25th – second June 28th of the
    next year!!!

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