Clay Aiken – Sings at At His Former High School

Picture Update

 The following pictures are from the ClayboardThank You to Sonya.  She was at the game and actually got to speak to Clay for a moment.

clayagalsal  from the CV was also at the game.  She said the following:

1.  Clay sounded wonderful

2.  Outfit look very good

3.  He got great applause after he sang

4.  He stood at the door for about 10 minutes after singing and hugged and talked to several people

5.  He did not stay for the game

There is rumor of a short video.  I will post it and any other information when it is available!!

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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Sings at At His Former High School

  1. Thanks for the picture. I sure hope we get some more.

    It is amazing how much weight Clay has lost. You can really tell in that picture.

  2. Thank you!!! He looks great! There is a video clip, he sounded wonderful (as usual)!! On to Saturday!!!!

  3. Thanks to Sonya for these fabulous pictures of Clay – he looks really good and I am sure he sang
    beautifully!!! Blessed people who got to see and hear him!! 🙂

  4. Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures of Clay. He really does look healthy and happy. Love to see him out and about!!!! Can't wait to see the video. Thanks as well to Sonya for taking these pictures. It is appreciated.

  5. Thanks a bunch musicfan, more pics for my picture library, love his outfit and he looks so great, he seems to get handsomer with age, hope there will be a video of him singing. His mom must be so proud.

  6. it sure is amazing how much weight clay lost hes lookin good and he sure does get handsomer with age i sure hope there wil be a video of clay singing and i bet his mom must be verry proud

  7. Thanks a lot musicfan & Sonya, for these great pictures of Clay. He looks so relaxed, cant wait to see the video clip. Nice of him to stay for a while and chat to fans.

  8. I saw the video of Clay performing the SSB..and he really belts it out. the pictures of Clay. He looks just gorgeous. He also looks so young. Glad he is wearing some shorter shorts. He has some good looking legs. Wish I could of been there to talk to him.

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