Clay Aiken – Honors Hall of Fame Singers

Tonight, Clay Aiken will be in Carmel, Indiana as part of the entertainment for The Entertainment Encore.  This event is a benefit for the Center of the Performing Arts.

The program, hosted by multi-platinum selling artist, Michael Feinstein, is the inauguration of the Great American Songbook Hall of Fame.

Michael Feinstein

According to the Feinstein Initiative:

The Hall of Fame will elevate the Great American Songbook, much like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Country Music Hall of Fame have done for their respective musical genres. The Great American Songbook Hall of Fame will induct new members annually. The Palladium concert hall in Carmel, Indiana serves as the official home of the Michael Feinstein Great American Songbook Initiative and the Hall of Fame. The awards will be displayed in the south lobby on the gallery level of the Palladium concert hall. Plans exist for the construction of the Great American Songbook Hall of Fame Museum and Archive on the campus of the Carmel, Indiana-based Center for the Performing Arts.

Award categories include:

Legend: Awarded posthumously to an artist who made a significant contribution to the Golden Age of American popular music, typically defined as the period from the early years of the 20th century through the 1960s. Inductee: Cole Porter, 2012.

Songbook: Awarded to living songwriters, both lyricists and composers, who have made a significant impact on American pop culture by creating the most beloved songs from the American popular songbook. Inductees: Alan and Marilyn Bergman, 2012.

New Standard: Awarded to the artist, songwriter and/or performer, who continues to create the soundtrack of our lives by writing and/or performing music that will stand the test of time and become the pop standards of tomorrow. Inductee: Barry Manilow, 2012.

Michael Feinstein is the artistic director of the Palladium Concert Hall.  He will be joined by Clay Aiken to perform a tribute to Barry Manilow.  Lari White will sing hits by Marilyn and Alan Bergman, and Broadway star, Andrea McArdle will honor Cole Porter with some beautiful songs.  What an honor to be a part of the inaugural class of the Great American Songbook Hall of Fame.

Feinstein is committed to celebrating the American popular sing and feels it is important to preserve its legacy for the next generation.

Michael’s website says:

In 2007, he founded the Michael Feinstein Great American Songbook Initiative, dedicated to celebrating the art form and preserving it through educational programs, Master Classes, and the annual High School Vocal Academy and Competition, which awards scholarships and prizes to students across the country. Michael serves on the Library of Congress’ National Recording Preservation Board, an organization dedicated to ensuring the survival, conservation and increased public availability of America’s sound recording heritage.

I can’t wait to hear news of Clay’s performance in Indiana.  He will be surrounded by talented musicians and will be singing the style that he seems to like the most.

Fortunately, there are some fans that will be at the concert.  Hopefully, they will take good notes and be able to share their excitement with the rest of us.  The theater has a “no camera” policy so photos might be scarce.

 Have you ever heard Michael Feinstein sing?  If so, do you have a favorite song that he sings?

The following video is of Clay Aiken, singing the Barry Manilow hit, Mandy!  Somehow, I would rather hear Clay sing this than Barry!



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  1. I am a big fan of Barry Manilow as well as Clay so it’s perfect that Clay is paying tribute. I can’t wait to hear about it! Good for Michael Feinstein for honoring the American Songbook. Thanks for the wonderful video. 🙂

  2. That was a beautiful song sung by Clay so beautifully, thanks musicfan. Hope there will be some pics from event tonight.

  3. I've never heard Michael sing, but I have heard of him. But I'll be happy to hear Clay sing anything of Barry's music. I like Barry and have seen him a few times in concert, many years ago. He really does put on a good show. Can't wait to hear reports tonight. The venue looks absolutely beautiful.

  4. musicfan – Thanks for putting up the Clay video of Mandy. I had forgotten how truly wonderful he sounds singing it. I do agree with your preference of Clay's way of singing that song over Barry Manilow's.

    The reasons are that for me, Clay's style deftly conveys the longing of the words, but in a smoother, more mellow, and less noisy way, while Barry's style comes across as more course, loud and a bit overwhelming.

    I do know that whichever song Clay does sing, it will truly be with an outstanding interpretation and intention of the words in it.

  5. I wish I had known that Clay would be in Carmel today. I can drive there in 3 hrs. Michael F. is from the Columbus, OH area and whenever he comes to town, everyone tries to get a ticket to hear him. I have taped his programs on PBS and enjoy his renditions of the Great American Songbook. So happy to learn that Clay will be performing before an audience that loves the songs he sings so well.

  6. Very excited about Clay performing in this show. Michael Fienstein is good company for sure. Clay is perfect for singing a song/or songs of Barry Manilow. I still remember when Barry appeared on Clay's Christmas Show in 2004. Hope someone gets maybe a few pictures tonight. Should be an awesome show. Also, enjoyed Clay singing Mandy in the Video.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful video. I am excited to hear Clay is performing in this tribute show and only wish that I could be there. I am a Manilow fan from years ago and know Clay will do his songs more than justice. He is so perfect to perform them. I would love to see him think about doing a whole album of them, something along the lines of Clay sings Barry Manilow! I am sure many of his fans would agree with me on this. I would pre-order and know all his fans would as well!

  8. Clay does it again! Will this show be televised? I sure hope so. I would love to see my two faves,
    Barry and Clay. I've been a fan of Barry Manilow's for 40 plus years and now Clay has equallied
    his beautiful voice. Just unbelievable!

  9. Clay gives a great performance by putting his emotions into the song and one feels as though his heart is breaking! The audience's response is heart warming. This is why we love him so much!

  10. I am hoping that some day this concert will be on PBS. Michael F. has had many programs on PBS about how he has gone about gathering and cataloging the Great American Songbook. We can only hope.

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