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It is funny that little things can make a difference in your attitude.  For fans of Clay Aiken, it was the little things that made Friday, June 29th an exciting day!

The website, Night & Day posted a review of the Great American Songbook Gala that was held on June 15th.  Written by Christian Sorrell, it was a comprehensive report of the evening.  Sorrell said the following about Clay:

Barry Manilow was next to be appreciated with a song by Michael Feinstein, elegantly sung and another by one of the night’s most famous guests Clay Aiken. Both songs were breathtakingly emotional and hit on all cylinders. I found myself especially impressed with Aiken and how well he handled the song. It was a far cry from the pop style that made him famous on American Idol.

The site also posted a great slide show of the performers.  You can see it at NIGHTDAY

The next bit of news came from…you guessed it, TWITTER.

Kaitlyn Nasatka ‏@woah_its_kaitt
The president just announced that they signed Clay Aiken to do his Christmas show at Shippensburg University

Is it for real?  What does it mean?  Well, according to the Sales Manager of the Luhrs Center Theater on the campus of  Shippensburg University, the information is confirmed.  It was suggested that patrons check back in a week or so for details.

Luhrs Performing Arts Center

That is exciting news…but where is Shippensburg University and is the theater nice?

According to the Chamber of Commerce:

Shippensburg is located in the scenic Cumberland Valley of South Central Pennsylvania, directly on the line between Franklinand Cumberlandcounties. With the nearby Pennsylvania Turnpike and I-81, it is just a short driving distance from many metropolitan centers, including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, WashingtonD.C., and New York City.

Settled in the 1730s, Shippensburg offers a desirable balance of industry, agriculture, and education. Shippensburg is proud to say that it was rated 27th in Norman Crampton’s 1995 book, 100 Best Small Towns inAmerica.

Luhrs Performing Arts Center

The theater sounds wonderful. It holds 1,500 patrons.  The webpage for the H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center is full of information about the theater and the area.  It even list hotels in the area.  The following is from the webpage:

The Luhrs Center is a premier facility and is unmatched between Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Harrisonburg, Virginia. When the Center opened to the public in January 2006, Shippensburg became perfectly positioned to build upon its tradition of attracting national touring companies and nationally known performers and speakers. The Center currently attracts symphony orchestras, dance companies, and four-star performers, and is ideal for artist-in-residence programs.

Additionally, the Center attracts regional and national business conferences, professional meetings, and planning sessions. Shippensburg’s central location and easy access via both the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Interstate 81 makes the University and the new Center very popular.

So…are you ready for a Christmas Concert by Clay?  I would imagine that this will not be the only concert during the holiday season.  It will be fun to see what other sites and concerts will be announced.

Even though today is June 30th, I can’t help but think of holiday songs.  What holiday songs would you like to hear Clay sing on this tour?  If you will leave your choice in the comments area, I will make a list and post the songs that receive the most votes.

You have all week-end to post your favorites.  I will post the results on Monday.  Let’s try and keep it to you top 3 choices.

Have you ever attended a Clay Aiken Christmas Tour?



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