Clay Aiken – Get Your Tickets Today!


Today is the first day to purchase tickets for the Clay Aiken “Joyful Noise Tour 2012.

 The concert will be held at The Luhrs Performing Arts Center on the campus of  Shippensburg University in Central Pennsylvania.  The following information is from their website.

I do hope that many of you will purchase your tickets today.  It is important!

For more information

 visit the Luhrs website!  LUHRS

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Get Your Tickets Today!

  1. I hope everyone in the area will buy tickets so hopefully there can be more dates added. It’s going to be a great show!

  2. This is a many hours drive from my home in OH. Hoping to see a list soon of other closer venues where Clay will appear. I was so happy for you, musicfan, that you met and got photos of Jaymes and her sister a week ago. I'll bet she had photos of Parker on her cell phone! Don't you wish you could have seen them!

  3. I hope everyone is getting their tickets to the Schippensberg Christmas Show today. Looks like it is selling good according to the Clayboard and Clayversity. If I only lived closer..I would be there. I think if this one sells good more will probably be confirmed. JMO though! I live in Florida and hope one shows up soon for me too.

  4. each time I see photos here I am enraptured by Clay! I love the black outfit and in white he is so angelic! and how did you capture the halo above his head?{joking}thank you for making my day!

  5. I either got really lucky yesterday or my ticket buying practice paid off. I'll be sitting in the 4th row for this concert. YEAH!!!!

  6. Oh you lucky ladies!!! So wish I could come but 14 hrs is a long drive one way…if I was single or my kiddos were grown, I'd be there but that's ok…I'll see him soon enough. 🙂

    • The schedule is not complete yet. So far, there are no west coast concerts, however, I am pretty sure there will be some announced soon. I will post the info when it is official.

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