Clay Aiken – “Not To Crazy About Love Songs”

…I’m not too crazy ‘bout love songs
This type of story cuts a little too close to home
Cause it’s all over the radio, the radio, the radio

Cuts me deep with every word
Saddest song I’ve ever heard
Try and shut it out
It keeps coming back for more
Drowning in the melody
Makes me feel like I can’t breathe
I can’t save myself
The only time I’m close to you is when
I hear a song I’m addicted to
So I keep coming back for more


 During the summer of 2005, Clay Aiken performed around the country, presenting concerts on The Jukebox Tour. The tour was very popular and Clay sang songs from the 50’s through the 90’s. There was lots of dancing, costume changing, laughs and wonderful music.

During the tour, Clay introduced some songs that he was considering for his up-coming album. A fan favorite was an upbeat song titled, ” Back For More.”

I found the following YouTube of the performance of “Back For More.” The video was taken in Vermont. Take a look…… The song is “a little bit rock and roll” and although it is rumored that Clay didn’t really like the song, it was a big hit with his fans.

Did you get to attend a performance of The Jukebox Tour?

Do you like Back For More?

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14 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “Not To Crazy About Love Songs”

  1. I've never attended any concert (only the Gala last year and WOW!!!) but I've heard this song and watched videos of his performances and the song is good but not my favorite. I do like it though 🙂

  2. Yes, I was lucky to have attended a few JBT performances. In fact, we had a shirt made that says :The Jukebox Tour begins and ends in South Jersey". I was at Toms River and Atlantic City and a few other venues. And yes, I love "Back for More".

  3. Love that song! I listen to it often plus all his other songs, just love his voice, can't seem to get interested in other singers as much as him, Clay is and will always be my favorite singer and performer.

  4. I was able to attend in Valdosta. What a great tour that was. I loved every minute of it, but especially Back for More and Tears Run Dry. And stump the band was tremendous fun. If he were to do a similar tour it would go over well. Heck, even if he were to do another tour with the exact same set list I think it would go over well. I know I would attend as many shows as possible, no matter the material, because I love him that much and he always gives a good show.

  5. I always loved the beat, sound, and melody of Back For More. Maybe Clay did not enjoy singing it so much because some of the lyric's words run too closely together, making it more difficult to sing and harder to understand. Your posting of the lyrics finally gave me a clue as to what some of those words actually were. Thanks for that.

    Generally, when Clay sings any song, all the words in it are deftly expressed by him and easily understood. No matter what song Clay is singing though, I always love and enjoy listening to his soothing and beautiful voice.

  6. I love Back for More and was surprised to hear Clay wasn't fond of the song. It was a great song for a live concert, but I guess we will never hear it again.

  7. i went to a jbt and iloved it it was amazing iliked back for more and tears run dry and iloved tears run dry when i first herd that song it sounded like a sad song stump the band i was shocked to hear thart clay wasent fond of back for more but i guess il never hear that and who could forget the elvis song and my favorite part when clay sang bridge over troubled waters

  8. I like Back for More. It’s a fun song. I always wondered why it wasn’t on a cd but that makes sense if Clay wasn’t feeling the song. Thanks for the lyrics and video.

  9. I was lucky enough to attend about 6 of the JBT concerts, including Tom's River and the last two in Atlantic City. It was my absolutely favorite tour of Clay's. Loved hearing the new songs and BFM was certainly a crowd favorite. It's sad that Clay didn't really enjoy singing quite a number of songs over the years that fans loved.

  10. Loved hearing and seeing Clay sing this song again. I had no trouble hearing the words even though I have a little hearing issue. Although I might "get" why he didn't want to record "Back For More"…..I wish he had. This sort of faster beat is something that would appeal to even more fans something with a peppy dance beat.

    Also…….Wish he would do another JBT. It was amazing.

  11. Went to the JBT in Toledo & he was AMAZING!!!!! Loved EVERY song from 50's-New Songs! I have to agree with Me2 & claysweetea wishing for a JBT 2!

  12. Loved Back for more,my favorite was jojo's video of it from AC. If Clay would sing all of the songs that
    he hates he'd probably be bigger than Elvis Presley.

  13. I would love to see a JBT , he can sing the platters beter then the platters sing the platters. He is the best of the best….never get sick of hearing him sing..

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