Clay Aiken – The Color Became HAWT!



Mustard is not your ordinary shade of yellow! Mustard has an earthiness that is like no other shade. It is similar to the color Flax.

This color was popular during the mid-1970s and is regaining popularity!!

During the summer of 2010, thanks to Clay Aiken, the color became….HAWT!!








Do you have a favorite picture?

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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Color Became HAWT!

  1. Well good morning everyone! I remember this shirt and this great tour. It was fun seeing Clay and his long time friend with him. I really like the last picture and would love to know just what he was thinking!! As far as the shirt…I'm not so sure it would be one of my favorites….maybe better than that famous green sweater though!!! LOL Hugs…Cookie

  2. Actually I DO have a favorite! The last one that Permaswoon took. I see it every day as it is on my mouse pad.! LOVE it…. WWow, I can barely see my print. Appologies in advance for spelling etc… It's almost invisible! WTH??

  3. Clay's so adorable, love those pics, thanks musicfan, another great start in the morning, love those newsletters.

  4. I love number 5!
    Now I have a craving for a hot dog with plenty of mustard on it!!
    Thanks so much for all of your creative blogs! Lots of fun.

  5. Although I LOVE #5 and #6, I have to go with #7 which showcases Clay's gorgeous, sparkling EYES!!!!!!

  6. Number 7! No hesitations or doubts for me. Number 7! Usually I struggle to pick one when you ask us to choose. I like just about any pic of Clay for different reasons. But number 7 shows so much, handsome, vulnerability, humor, maturity, and IT factor.

  7. Always love making observations about Clay pictures. Photos #6 and #7 are my favorites. Mustard yellow certainly is a very good color for Clay's skin tone. It definitely maximizes his best features. No matter what angle his profile is at, nor which expression is being conveyed, each of the above pictures is a very flattering one of Clay. Actually, all warm & earthy colors can enhance his overall appearance.

  8. Loved all the pictures…cute post too.

    You always seem to come up with something cute and I love it!!

    Thanks for the time you spent giving us this blog!

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