Clay Aiken – “I’m Here!”

Anticipation…………..that is what goes through ones mind while waiting for Clay Aiken to appear on a scheduled TV appearance. Whether it is Leno, Kimmel, GMA, The View, or Tyra Banks, the first look tells us so much.

Which of the following entrances is your favorite? Please vote and let us know what makes that particular entrance your top choice. 














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19 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “I’m Here!”

  1. Clay always makes a wonderful entrance – no doubts there! But I do love #7 on Jimmy K. I could
    not believe when I saw him on that horse – that was such a funny and good night with Clay and
    Jimmy K.! Next was the Tyra Show and also the Valentines Day with Jimmy! # 4 and #5! Loved his
    Attire and UM on the View # 6 – – guess they were all favorites!! 🙂

  2. Here we go again, racking my brain to decide which one is my favorite, they're all so great, maybe #1 and #8, still not sure but love them all and i've seen all of his interviews and more, he makes such a great guest and very funny. Thanks again musicfan.

  3. #8 was too adorable to not vote for, but I have to go with #5 for the following reason:

    “Love me, True Love, Fax Me, Got Love, You’re So Sweeeeet, Yours — Yours Forever, You’re So Sweet I’ve Got Stage Two Diabetes, that’s not gonna work, Angel, Dear One, ….You’re A Tiger, you’re miiiiiine: Jimmy!”

    • Thank you Bree. I was the YouTube video of that Jimmy Kimmel interview all the time. It was so much fun especially when Clay pretends to not remember he was supposed to do a song. Then we got the added bonus of Aisain Clay tshirt.

  4. I think Clay's entry on a horse was definitely my favorite! I love his many varied entrances, but that one is really different and unexpected!!!

  5. Of course, love them ALL, because any time Clay's on my TV is a wonderful time!!! However, if I have to choose just 1, I would have to choose #8. Who would have ever pictured Clay riding in on a horse??!!!! What a surprise that was to all of us!!!!!

  6. Riding that horse on Jimmy K was quite a shock. I do love Clay's look in #7. That suit fit perfectly. When I was working the crossword puzzle the other day 2 of the answers were ESO Beso and tried and TRUE. Over the last couple of months this puzzle had the same answer 3 times…clay AIKEN. Do you think this guy watched Clay's PBS special?!

  7. Favorite entrance(s), etc…..
    #1 — Love the bounce in Clay's step and his eager smile throughout the entire entrance.
    #4 — Love Clay's confident & feigned model type entrance, with his genuine smile & hug for Tyra.
    #6 — Love Clay's classy look and his interesting entrance while heading toward The View hosts.

    Obviously, one is never enough! Thanks musicfan for the challenge and the fun!

  8. I have to say #7. He was just so adorable with that Emo haircut..and that suit fit him to a tee. That was his Jay Leno appearance. When he sang "Without You" it was just heavenly. I was in the Aiken Fog for quite a while. Of course, I love all his performances though.

  9. I don't begin to even know where to start! I love Clay period…I'd love to know where #1 & #2 are from …I've never seen those appearances. I love #4 and #7 DEAR LAWD!!!! This is just too hard!!! LOL

  10. I love #4 and #6 the best which I think are the Tyra visit and The View. He looks great in a suit! I do love all the pictures though!

  11. My favorite is #6. Just loved that entire look he had then. I was there and it absolutely took my breath away.

    Dhyana McCraig (GoneClayzy)

  12. I just realized, I made a mistake on the # of my favorite – it was #8 not #7 ! How did that happen???!!
    Total Carelessness!!!

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