Clay Aiken – Four Different 16ths


Today is August 16th…It is usually hot and most families are celebrating the last few days before school starts.  I have no idea what Clay Aiken is doing today, but I do know where he was on four different August 16ths.

August 16, 2003 – American Idol Tour

Pyramid Arena – Memphis TN.

Concert #30 of 41

August 16, 2004 – Solo Tour

Indiana State Fair – Indianapolis

Concert #28 of 48

August 16, 2005 – Jukebox Tour

Toledo Zoo Amphitheatre – Ohio

Concert #15 of 26 

August 16, 2007 – Soft Rock and A Hard Place Tour

Barbara Mann Performance Center – Ft. Myers FL

Concert # 20 of 23

Did you ever see Clay on August 16th?

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17 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Four Different 16ths

  1. No – not on August 16th – but did see the Solo Tour in Cleveland, the Juke Box Tour in Cleveland and
    the SRHP in Columbus, Ohio and Freedom Hill,Michigan.(Sterling Hts.) Amazing show – every single
    one. Now getting really excited about seeing him in Oct. at the Gala!!!!!

  2. I have not seen him live on the 16th live but on line I see live every 16th and just about every other day. I have seen him live on the 11th in Orlando, and hope to see him for his Christmas tour this year….can't wait…

  3. Thanks for wonderful Clay pictures. I never saw him on 08/16 but I always remember 07/04 because that was the first time I saw him in concert.

  4. Great photos of Clay and happy events. Looks like a lot of good things happened on August 16th.
    *Happy Birthday* to you musicfan123. Wishing you an abundance of happiness and wonderful things throughout next year. You are definitely one of the good ones!

  5. I've never seen Clay in concert but you all that have….I'm thinking the 16th is a goooood day to see him…or any other th, nd or st LOL


    Wishing you a wonderful Birthday!

    I never saw Clay on any of the August 16th dates. But thank Goodness, that we have clack!!!!! I have seen all his tours, and I have loved every one. They are all different and wonderful. Clay is like a box of chocolates "you never know what you're gonna get"! I think that is part of the excitement of a Clay concert.

  7. Happy Birthday, Musicfan!!! August 16th is a great day!!

    I have NOT seen Clay on August 16th, but I did see him on these tours. I can't wait to see Clay again!!

    Musicfan…I hope you day is special!!

  8. happy birthday to you happy birthday dear music faan happy birhtday to you no i dint see clay aiken on any of the 16 that have been menshiond

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Your posts always make me happy. go to funny birthdays on You Tube. they have penguins and smurfs! so many times your posts are about things that I was just thinking about. its like you can read my mind. I was happy for NIP? do you know how much money they got in honor of Parker? I think 99.9 per cent of the fans on here are the best people and the few that are saying bad things should instead join I AM A TWAT.COM

  10. Happy Birthday, Musicfan!!!! I have never seen Clay on August 16th, but I've seen many of those shows on a different day. Jukebox Tour was my favorite. I saw that one in Atlanta.

  11. Happy Birthday Musicfan! You deserved the very best. Thank you for sharing more photos of Clay! There were a couple I have never seen before and those green eyes in the 5th one are incredible. Your photo of Clay sharing his spotlight with Q reminds me of the good times I've had watching that even on YouTube. Good times to you on your special day.

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUSICFAN!!! I did see Clay in Ft Myers, FL on Aug 16th! That was on our three-fer!!

    Great memories!

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUSICFAN!! Hope it was a great day for you.

    I saw Clay in Aug 2010….. just not on the 16th…saw him on the 5 and 6th that same month.

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