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On Monday, August 13th, there was an article published about Clay Aiken and one of his up-coming concerts in Florida.  It is always nice to see positive article about Clay.  This particular article was from Soundcheck the, entertainment section of the Tampa Bay Times.

Clay Aiken Coming To The Capitol Theatre in Clearwater

Now that the Olympics are over, and we can finally start the long, difficult process of getting Phillip Phillips’  Home  out of our heads, we may as look back to the songbook of another successful former American Idol contestant: Clay Aiken.

It’s been a while and a half since we’ve had Invisible on repeat, but the time may be drawing near for us to pull it out of the mothballs, as Aiken will be returning to Tampa Bay on Nov. 25 for a concert at the intimate Capitol Theatre in Clearwater. The fansiteClay Aiken News Network reports it’ll be a Christmas concert, which makes sense, as Aiken has a number of holiday songs in his catalog.

An on-sale date is not yet listed on Ruth Eckerd Hall’s website, but we imagine tickets will be available soon. They’re listed at $55-$75. Click here for info.

Did you all read that carefully?  It’s always fun when you realize that you never know who is reading what you write.  Too bad they used a 6 year old picture. I used a new picture that is being used by the tour venues.

Be sure and stop by the site and leave a comment so that the site knows we appreciate news about Clay.  How else will they know?  You can visit the site at  TBT

There was some wonderful news from The National Inclusion Project today.  The following was posted on their website:

 Estate Gift to Help Pave the Way

The National Inclusion Project has received a very significant gift from the estate of Ms. Shirley Dundas. Although we did not know her personally, we learned from her brother that she was a very friendly, outgoing and caring person. “She felt blessed to be able to help others through this gift,” stated her brother who is also the estate executive.

Ms. Dundas was also a planner. She liked to ensure that all things were planned in advance, and therefore, she established her estate plan in 1993. She updated and amended her plan in 2010 to reflect the support she wanted to provide to special friends and charities, one of which was the National Inclusion Project. Her love of music and singer Clay Aiken led her to the Project, and she decided to make a difference by gifting a percentage of her estate to support inclusion.

With an immediate cash contribution of $157,500 and additional proceeds being paid out over the next nine years, her total gift to the Project will be $643,500.  Her generosity will help pave the way for the future of the Project and help ensure that no child sits on the sidelines!

Our heartfelt thanks and thoughts are extended to her family!

What a wonderful gift that will help so many children.  And, what a great idea to make sure your favorite charity is included in you estate plan.

The announcement of the gift even woke up Clay Aiken.  He made a point of re-tweeting the news.

One of my dear friends sent me a very special video on Tuesday.  I found it fascinating and I smiled the entire time I watched it.  It is titled, Happy People Dancing on Planet Earth.  The following is the description of the video.

Explanation: What are these humans doing? Dancing. Many humans on Earth exhibit periods of happiness, and one method of displaying happiness is dancing. Happiness and dancing transcend political boundaries and occur in practically every human society. Above, Matt Harding traveled through many nations on Earth, planned on dancing, and filmed the result. The above video, the latest in a series of similar videos, is perhaps a dramatic example that humans from all over planet Earth feel a common bond as part of a single speciesHappiness is frequently contagious — few people are able to watch the above video without smiling.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Happy People

  1. Great to see articles about the tour. Hope we have more dates soon. What w wonderful gift for NIP. I like that video. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. How exciting indeed about the wonderful donation to the NIP !!!! Thanks to Ms Dundas for her
    kindness and caring. So good to see Clay showing his appreciation!

    That was such an uplifting video of dance and song – made you feel really good inside – glad to see
    Cleveland, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan pop-up as part of the joy!! Thank you for all that you do in
    finding these great reports for us all to enjoy. 🙂

  3. Good Morning. Lots of stuff this morning. Loved that the Tampa Bay Times mentioned "The Clay Aiken News Network", in its article. You never know huh?

    What wonderful news that The National Inclusion Project was gifted funds for inclusion. What a beautiful gift Ms. Shirley Dundas has given. Helping so many kids.

    Loved the video as well of "Where the Hell is Matt 2012". You can't help but smile. That was fun to watch.

  4. WOW! that must be the most beautiful happy video I have ever seen, i'll be watching it a few times and love the song, thanks musicfan, you sure know how to make my morning, love you. Wish I could be at Clay's Christmas concert, I'm sure it will be great, hopefully I'll see it on utube.

  5. I've only seen the first article, and enjoyed it. Will go and comment! The donation was a wonderful surprise. What a great idea! The "Dance" video was fantastic, and yep, I smiled through the whole thing! I love Matt's dance video's. How the heck does he afford to visit all those countries?? Wow! What fun he is having and it shows how people are just people, wherever they live. You made my start of the day a great one musicfan! Thank you!! I will be pasting this on my facebook and twitter!! Cool!!

  6. I forgot to mention that it was such a great gift for NIP from Ms. Dundas, it will help so many children, God bless her.

  7. I love this!!! Everything about it! You so deserve the recognition b/c you put in the work and we get to be the happy recipients! Thank you! You really are the best! The donation to the NIP is an amazing gift! I think of the many children that will benefit over the coming years due to her generosity! The video is so wonderful!

  8. its great to see the tour aticles and i sure hope there be more what a amazing gift for nip from mrs dundas it will indeed help so many children god bless her

  9. Thank you for sharing the video – I loved it and shared it on my facebook page. I went to the TBT site with the intention of leaving a supportive thank you message but – well – I'm not a fan of slander especially where Clay's concerned. The donation to the NIP is great news and many thanks to Ms Dundas and her family!

    • Yikes….what am I missing? I really want to know as if there is slander I will remove it from the site.

  10. I enjoyed the article from The Capitol Theater in Clearwater, Florida. I live in Florida so this is the venue I will try to get tickets to. I hope he has more venues coming up.

    That was so awesome the amazing gift from Ms. Dundas to the National Inclusion Project. They can surely use the money. Bless her for her kindness.

    Loved the video. It was very uplifting and you have to smile at some of the funny things they are doing in the video. No matter what country..everyone loves to dance. Thank you very much for all the time you put into these articles. I enjoy them very much.

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