Clay Aiken – Duet: Composition For Two Voices

Duet:  also called duo – a musical composition for two voices or instruments

                  an action or activity performed by a pair of closely connected individuals

Clay Aiken has performed many duets with many different musical partners.  The list of duets is fun, but the list is too long to include all of them here.  I have tried to choose duets that show Clay at different times of his career and with different partners.  And…they are some of my favorites.

#1. Kelly Clarkson – Open Arms – Independent Tour

#2 Heather Headley - Can You Feel The Love Tonight - BC/EFA Concert

#3 Angela Fisher - I Knew You Were Waiting - Solo Tour


#4 Quiana Parler – Listen – Soft Rock/Hard Place Tour

#5 Lauren Kennedy – In Whatever Time We Have – Bringing Broadway Home

#6 Casey Thompson – Crying – WTTW Chicago

#7  Hannah Waddingham – The Prayer – Easter Bonnet Competition


Which Duet Is Your Favorite?

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  1. There’s absolutely no way I can choose a favorite. I love Listen with Quiana, Clay and Kelly rock together and The Prayer is just beautiful and still funny. Thanks for a great post.

  2. # 1 – #4 – #6 – Only because I was there at all three of those concerts – I cannot pick a favorite – out
    of the three, they were all "special" for so many different reasons! When it comes to Clay it is the
    hardest thing to do – everything is one big favorite – he is that special!!!!

  3. Well….all the duets are sensational, really, but I have to say that I'm partial to "Cryin";
    Clay's duet with Casey. What a powerful, sweet voice she has! I sure would love
    to see them do a concert again on tour sometime. Along with her great voice is
    a fun and easy-going personality. Good job Clay and Casey!

  4. I wish I had gone to the early concerts. Especially the Independant tour with Kelly. I bet they had so much fun together. All the duets you posted are favorites of mine. Hard to pick just one! Thanks musicfan, once again! Great job! Great subject!!!

  5. Beautiful videos, enjoyed them all, but I have to say i loved number 7- Hannah and Clay and number 6 – Casey and Clay the most.Thanks musicfan.

  6. I am partial to Cryin! They both sounded great as both should in a duet. CLAY was great in the other options especially in Whatever Time We have! Those low notes are my favorites. Is it just me and my faulty memory but didn't Clay himself ask us to stop watching the duet he usually does with Angela but did with Quiana when Angela couldn't? Well it wouldnt be the first time we like a song that he doesnt, lol. I don't remember the song he said it was but it's forever recoded in one of the chats. Lol. His relationship with Kelly is so special but . . . Yep. . . I vote for Cryin!

  7. Lord, he was cute singing Open Arms with Kelly. I took my 10-yr-old granddaughter to the Independent condert in Grand Prairie! Cryin' with Casey was wonderful, but it is hard to pick just one.

  8. My favourites are:
    1) Clay and Kelly – Open Arms
    2) Clay and Casey – Don't Go Breaking My Heart
    3) Clay and Quiana – Listen (impromptu duet)

  9. duet

    Duet #2 — young Clay and Heather Headley singing Can You Feel the Love Tonight was Clay's first duet clack that I ever saw. I was blown away and in awe. It is the one that always comes to mind when discussing Clay duets. Others on your list that really impressed me are: #5 – Lauren Kennedy; #6 – Casey Thompson; and #7 – Hannah Waddington.

    Succinctly put — Clay is a duet master!

  10. Thats easy "Casey and Clay". She compliments his voice and I never feel she's trying to compete with him. They sound beautiful together. Would love just one recording of a Casey Clay duet. Plus they look beautiful together and seem to have similar sweet, humble personalities.

  11. I have to pick Clay and Casey singing "Crying." They seem to meld in with each other..and, I think they look so cute as a team. Would also love to see Clay tour with Casey again.

  12. Another great article!! You know that it will be impossible to to choose only one of these remarkable duets…

    I am a huge fan of Hannah so I will pick #7

    I would love to see Casey sing with Clay again. I always thought she was fun, cute, and talented!

    Thank you for the fun day!

  13. I thought I had made up my mind as to which duet was my favorite. Then I realized I really couldn't name just one as my ultimate favorite. I was never fond of Open Arms, but really like or love all the other duets for different reasons.

  14. The one he sings with me in my dreams, of course! It’s called “Elaborate Lives” from Aida. We sing it all the time in my daydreams for some reason.

    But honestly: Cryin’. It is so beautiful.

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