Clay Aiken – The Bright Side of Life!

I am a huge fan of the Olympics.  I love almost every moment of them.  In fact, the Olympics got in the way of this blog just a bit.  I spent lots of hours watching swimming, diving, gymnastics, rowing…well, you get the picture!   It’s a good thing Clay Aiken was on vacation from his public life!!

We can only hope that Clay’s break is over “SOON.”  And, thank you all for all the support for CANN.  I know we will all be happier when we have real news from Clay.

I spent last night enjoying the Closing Ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics.  This was one of the largest musical concerts ever.  I was confused some of the time, I laughed, I rolled my eyes, but I couldn’t stop watching…I loved it!

The concert was aimed at celebrating one of Britain’s most popular exports over the last 50 years.  The best of Britain’s past and present music scene hosted a party for the volunteers, the athletes and the entire world.

There were many stars including the Pet Shop Boys, Kaiser Chiefs, George Michael, Tinie Tempah and Jessie J.  Other performers included Kate Moss, Russell Brand, Julian Lloyd Webber, Naomi Campbell and Darcey Bussell and The Who.

My favorite performance of the night was the wonderful British comedian, actor, composer and producer, Eric Idle.   The actor led the 80,000-strong crowd through a sing-along rendition of Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, while skating nuns, Morris Dancers and rugby players all performed around him.  When the song was finished, a human cannonball was launched across the entire stadium.

Any time you can get 80,000 people to sing, without prompting, the funny words to the Monty Python song, you know you have a real hit!

Thank you to London and Britain for a wonderful Olympic Games and a fabulous Closing Ceremony.

What was your favorite moment of the Closing Ceremonies?

  How do you compare it to the Opening Ceremonies?



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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Bright Side of Life!

  1. I loved watching a lot of the Olympics, too! The show last night was quite spectacular to say the least!
    The opening show and last nights closing were both grand! The Bright Side was really fun and I
    can't begin to imagine all of the time and work it was to put that whole thing together! Just amazing!
    I was especially happy that the girl from near my home town ( I mentioned in a past post ) Tianna
    Madison got a Gold Medal in the 4 x 100 relay running meet! Excited for her, family, and the whole
    town!! It brought it all so much closer to home! I will be very happy to see Clay back, too – but hope
    he is enjoying all of his time off!

  2. TI ahe Bright Side of Life was my favorite also. I was secretly hoping that Clay will come out singing! Did you catch Prince Harry singing along?
    I also like the Queen songs that were featured. I have the DVD of Queen performing at Wembly stadium. I t was awesome!

  3. Eric Idle was also my favorite part. What great memories the entire audience singing "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" brought back. I probably enjoyed the closing better, however I thought both were very entertaining. I've watched nothing but the Olympics for two straight weeks and am sorry to see it come to an end. Congratulations to all the great competitors!

  4. Eric Idle was my favourite moment as well. I was just hoping that Sir Robin, Sir Gallahad, Sir Lancelot and Sir (sorry..I've forgotten the last one…brain fart) would have come out for Spamalot.. That would have been perfect. Everyone knows "Always Look on The Bright Side of Life". It was certainly great to hear everyone singing along. I enjoyed George MIchael as well. I enjoyed the screen caps of John Lennon and Freddie Mercury. London did a great job, and the fireworks were wonderful.

  5. my fav part of the closing cereamoies was when thes new singers that i never herd before sing and then they sang my fav bee gees song ya should be dancen then all the people started dancing and of cose look on the bright side of life from spamalot i

  6. Have to confess that I wasn't watching the closing ceremonies. But, I was on twitter and read about "Always Look On the Bright Side", so I tuned in for that part and loved it!!

    My favorite part of the opening ceremonies was having "The Queen" parachute in!!

  7. I must confess that I didn't watch much of the Olympics including the opening and closing ceremonies, but I did catch Eric Idle and the 80,000 singing Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. My first thought was of Patsy singing it in Spamalot along with Clay as Sir Robin, et al. Fond memories.

  8. Wasn't that song also in Spamalot? I seem to remember that Clay mentioned he thought Monty Python was "a person" in an interview on the tonight show. He also mentioned meeting Eric Idle when he was involved in Spamalot. I bet Clay took time out to watch it. LOL – Clay is connected to so many celebrities and behind the music/entertainent scene people like writers, musicians, and reporters, etc. Most of them were skeptics right up until they met him "in person" when he walks away he leaves more supporters in his wake. There's just something special about Clay Aiken LIVE. (oh, just in case anyone reading this is in the OFC with me I just changed my name from Closet Claym8 to ClayCrazy8)

  9. My favorite was Eric Idle singing "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life." Guess who I kept thinking of all through it? I enjoyed all of the Olympics though.

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