Clay Aiken – It’s All About The Blues

Have you ever tried to make blue food? Sounds a bit odd doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what Clay Aiken did on September 27, 2008.

Clay was a guest on Paula’s Party, a cooking show on the Food Network, hosted by Paula Deen. The theme for this show was “House of Blues Party.” All the dishes cooked that day were blue.

As the featured guest of the show Clay assisted Paula in preparing a blue-corn crusted bass. It included a blueberry sauce.

Clay and Paula seemed to have a great time together and they joked together as they cooked. Paula asked Clay about his new CD, On My Way Here. Because of all the banter and attempts at cooking, Clay got out about two sentences about the project.

It is not surprising that Paula and Clay got along so well. They seem to have much in common. Paula calls Savannah, Georgia home so both Paula and Clay have their roots in the south. When in her twenties, Paula suffered from panic attacks. She is proud to say that she overcame the illness without therapy.

Besides her work on the Food Network, Paula Deen owns a restaurant in Savannah, Georgia called The Lady & Sons which she runs with her two sons. She has also published 5 cookbooks.

Clay’s visit to this show was very different from most of his other appearances and it was very fun.

The following video shows most of the segment that included Clay. It is well worth watching.

Did you see this show in 2008?

Would you try the Blue Crusted Fish?

And…most important…

Where is Clay Aiken?

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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – It’s All About The Blues

  1. I watched and taped this show and enjoyed it immensely!! I think Donald Trump Jr. was on right
    before Clay – they may have met that night!! Just wondering!?? No Blue Crusted Fish for me – unless
    Clay made it – – – maybe!!!

  2. I didn’t get to see this one so I really enjoyed this. I would love to know where Clay is and what he’s planning. Hopefully we’ll hear something soon. 🙂

  3. Ahhh, that was nice! Oh yes I did watch it back when it first aired, and a few more times, lol! Blue food? Not too sure about that one.


  4. Where the heck is Clay Aiken is right!! Hope he surfaces soon, otherwise, I'll have to
    wait for the Gala to see that gorgeous man<3

  5. Soooo adorable, I've watched this video a few times, he's so loveable! thanks musicfan xox

    Your newsletter is the first thing I watch in the morning with my coffee, keep it up!

  6. Clay was so good on Paula's show. Some of his facial features were so funny. Thanks for this again. I love going down memory lane!!!!

  7. _____nope i wont try blue crust fish but i wonder whwere the heck is clay aiken at _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________so sad about andy willams passing i had aways liked his singing clay sounded great with the song moon river im sure andy wi_______so sad to hear of andy willams pasimg _______llamd________________so sad about andy willams passing away

  8. I did watch the Paula with Clay show when it first aired. It was a wonderful and enjoyable appearance. Very funny and high spirited. Yes, I would eat that blue-corn crusted bass and maybe even the potatoes. I love blueberries in most forms, such cooked, baked or fried. In their natural form though, they are just okay.

    To find out where Clay Aiken will be tomorrow, September 29, 1912, check the NEWS section of the Clay Aiken OFC site.

  9. I really loved seeing this video again. Clay is so cute in this show.

    The blue fish…well, I am not sure!!

    AND….we know where Clay is now…good for him to be helping UNICEF!

  10. I miss seeing him make the rounds on shows too. He always brought such high energy and fun to the shows and so did his fans. The impromptu southern accent contest was fun. HEY. . . Maybe that would be an interesting blog topic. Seriously, I don't know how you do this 365 days a year. You deserve a medal!

  11. I so remember watching Clay on The Paula Dean Show. One of my favorites. He was just so gorgeous with that blond hair. She sure did love that "Bakin With Aiken" apron. She could have used that earlier. Lol!! I'll just have to watch it again…and again..and again. Can you tell I liked it?

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