Clay Aiken – Quick Updates!


It is the beginning of a new week and it looks like Clay Aiken and his team are getting things updated.

  1. Clay’s Official FaceBook page has been updated.  There is a new banner and some other information too.  Be sure and check it out at CLAYSFACEBOOK.
  2. Take a quick look at the updates at Clay’s Official Fan Club.  They have also added a new banner. If you haven’t been there for a while, be sure you check it out.  There are some great fan blogs there and you can get information about ticket sales there.
  3. Be on the look-out for information on Special VIP package auctions at the OFC.  These auctions will benefit the National Inclusion Project.  According to the OFC, more information will be posted in the coming weeks.  Be sure and check on the status of your membership.  I am sure you don’t want to be left out!

Speaking of the National Inclusion Project, are you looking for an easy way to help raise some money for them?  Well, the following is easy and all it takes is about 5 minutes each day.

For the last few years, The National Inclusion Project has been listed at the site, The Best Website Ever.  This site allows patrons to vote for their favorite brands, people and charities, etc.  According to their website:

Home to over 11,000 brands and growing every day, TBWE allows the world to decide who “The Best Evers” really are, and displays live results for everyone to see, all the while guaranteeing that our users can and will win prizes simply for voting. With FREE Registration offered to both voters and brands, and new voting categories constantly being created, TBWE is The Biggest Website Ever ( as well, as it is our goal to hold the most advertising than anywhere else in the world.

TBWE donates 25% of their advertising revenue to the charity that gets the most votes.  The more votes… the more money.  The National Inclusion Project has won each month for quite a while, however, the total vote count is down.  Since the revenue grows because of votes, the more we vote the more money for our favorite charity.  I have checked with the office in Raleigh and they do receive checks from this site.

Check out the site.  You must register with a valid e-mail account as a confirmation will be sent to you.  Then, each day, vote for your favorites.  You get 5 votes each day for each category.  So, once you have your confirmation, it will only take a few minutes to vote 5 times for The National Inclusion Project.

I do admit that I vote for Clay each day too.  He is listed under Entertainment/Celebrities and also Music/ American Idol.  No money in these categories, but I do enjoy seeing Clay at the top of the list!  There are other fun categories too.  Give it a try and if we all voted, we could raise a bit more for The National Inclusion Project!

Visit:  TBWE


Are you a member of the Clay Aiken Official Fan Club?

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Quick Updates!

  1. Yes, I am a member of OFC and I will be voting every day on TWBE website, hoping his Gala next month will be a huge success, wish i could be there but i will donate anyway, thanks musicfan.

  2. Yes, I have belonged to the OFC from the very start. I also checked out all the changes being made, with banners. Things are in the works……

    Thank you Musicfan for bringing to our attention the TBWE voting for the National Inclusion Project. I had completely forgot to vote on this, and this is something we can do daily. I need reminders. A link to go to immediately, and I am there. Is it possible for you to place that somewhere on your front page, so that we can all vote??? By the way, I just went over there and voted, but I do have to be reminded. Thank you!!!

  3. Thanks for the info about TBWE…will start voting for Clay too. Only voted for the National Inclusion Project thus far. Yay!

  4. I wasn’t aware of the TBWE site. I will be sure and vote each day. I did vote in the Pepsi challenge and it was easy because of the daily reminder from NIP.

  5. I'll be a member of the OFC for as long as Clay has one. I really only go to the OFC for the videoschats, but they are so worth it.

  6. I have been a member of the OFC since it first came out..and will be for as long as it is there…which I hope will be forever. LOL!!

    I used to belong to the TBWE site..and voted every day. Guess I should go back and vote again.

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