Clay Aiken – Singing For UNICEF – UPDATED

I know this page is a mess, but I thought I should try and post these before I go to bed.


The following pictures and mentions were posted on Twitter.


Tammy Fischer ‏@TammyFischer1

Enjoying Clay Aiken @unicefgala everyone needs to buy a water pump for UNICEF! #sceneYYC

8m Sheri Bruneau ‏@gityyc
@clayaiken doing a great job singing at the #UNICEF Water For Gala!

TonyKayBritCGCalgary ‏@anthonypkay
At #unicef water for life gala. Raises millions for disadvantaged. Proud to support. Guy on far right is clay aiken.


Sheri Bruneau ‏@gityyc
Clay Aiken singing at the #UNICEF Water for Life Gala!


sinfulx Adrienne Rose 3m
Currently watching Clay Aiken perform. Go ahead and judge haha.


Lisa Schultz ‏@Lisa_SchultzYYC
@ClayAiken serenading us for @Unicef… Not a bad way to spend Saturday Night #YYC


20sAdrienne Rose‏@sinfulx
@Nickikiwi He sang some standards, Can’t Make you Love Me, Buttercup, unchained melody… And more haha

Sheri Bruneau ‏@gityyc
Thank you @clayaiken for entertaining us tonight! #UNICEF #YYC

Sheri Bruneau ‏@gityyc
A lot but ended with a #canadian montage! RT:@ncwannabe: @gityyc What did Clay sing?”

I will add more information if we get more (PLEASE)

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  1. WOW……you are fast!!! Thank you so much. I love seeing the pictures, blurry, far away…I just don't care…It's CLAY AIKEN!!!

  2. It seems as though the night was a big success – and so was Clay !!! So nice to see these tweets
    and pics – Thanks, as always MusicFan!!!

      • Thank you so much – and I'm very glad to say you are my friend – at the OFC!!! You can be my friend everywhere!!! I am glad to be your's also, Susan!! 🙂

  3. Nice pictures of Clay at the Unicef Gala last night. That first one..THUD! Sounds like it was a great time for everyone. Would have loved to hear him singing "Can't Make You Love Me."

  4. Musicfan — Thank you for your dedication in posting the pictures and some of the attendee's tweets before your going to bed. Glad the tweeters enjoyed Clay's amazing voice serenading them. I'm sure they also appreciated his loyal and continued commitment to UNICEF. I'm thinking that Clay definitely gained their respect. One even mentioned his impressive Apprentice gig in a different tweet. He's a keeper for sure.

  5. It sure sounds like Clay impressed some people last night. It's killing me knowing this may be all the Clack we'll get. 🙁

  6. Sounds like a wonderful night for a great cause. What better than to hear Clay sing? Thanks for the pictures.

  7. Thanks for all the pictures and information from Calgary last night Musicfan. Thank goodness we got some pictures!!!!!!

  8. Thanks for posting all the pictures of Clay from last night's Unicef Gala. It's gret having them all in one place for everyone to see.

  9. We are so lucky to have you keeping us clacked, musicfan; bless you and thanks! (And the longer I'm a Clay fan, the prouder I am that I am one. He is such a great human being!)

  10. Thank you so much! Oh my word I am loving him with the longer hair!!! More than that, I love that he's such a great advocate for children as well as working for UNICEF. Wow! What a great heart! 🙂

  11. Clay looked wonderful! I know he made a great impression on everyone there. I am so glad that Clay works with UNICEF. Clay works in so many areas to be a great advocate for children.. Love the pictures!

  12. Thank you for your dedication musicfan123!! Clay is handsome as always. I can't wait until next month to see his Christmas tour in Florida.

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