“The Fantastic Clay Aiken! “

The River Rock Show Theatre at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, BC was the setting of a two-day event that featured Clay Aiken.

On September 9th, 2006,  David Foster sponsored the Star Search Finals. Clay was a judge at this event. Although he did not sing, Clay was very involved in his job as a judge. Besides providing critiques of each performance, Clay also gave each contestant advice on what they could do to improve. He attended the rehearsal in the afternoon and worked with the contestants, giving them advice on everything from their songs to their vocal performance and their stage presence.

The fans that were in attendance commented that the judges seemed to have a wonderful time together. They were pleased to see that Clay and David seemed to be such good friends.

The next night, there was a special fund raising Gala Event in support of the David Foster Foundation, a unique charity assisting families with children requiring life saving organ transplants. The exclusive, private function was limited to a 1000 benefactors, with all the proceeds going directly to the Foundation.

The evening started with a Pre Show Cocktail Party and was followed by a Live Auction and then a star-studded concert by David Foster and his friends. Michael Buble was the headliner. Other performers included “Babyface”, Olivia Newton John, George Lopez and, of course, Clay Aiken.

Part of the auction was a piano that David had used in many performances. There were two bidders who were interested in the piano.. When the bidding stalled at 280,000 David came out to sign the piano and say that he would give a private concert to the winning bid. The bidding stalled again at 310,000, and Clay came to say he would sing. David says, “What a bargain, this guy gets 250,000 per show”. The bidding went right to 500,000.

David Foster was very complimentary when he introduced Clay in the concert. He reminded the audience that Clay had sold over 600,000 copies of his first CD in the first week of sales.  He said:

What an amazing singer. What an amazing story. He’ll tell you some of it;  he used to be a school teacher, this kid. Please welcome the FANTASTIC. CLAY. AIKEN!

Clay performed three songs that evening;  Right Here Waiting For You, Unchained Melody and Without You. He was accompanied by David Foster on the piano and a small back-up band. Clay enjoyed a standing ovation after each song.

The two events were fun-filled and wonderful for Clay Aiken fans.

There are four videos posted with this article. They are wonderful.


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  1. Such beautiful videos with Clay, heartwarming, thank God for Clay. Thanks Musicfan for posting.

  2. It is positively thrilling to watch these videos – what a treat!! I have watched them many times before
    but I enjoy them each time! – a little bit more, if that is possible ! Thankyou for sharing Musicfan.

  3. I so enjoyed watching these videos again. Detroit concert added to Clay's Christmas list. Now if he'll just come a little further south (to Ohio). I've got my credit card ready to go!

  4. Watched those video's. Just loved them. I always liked how David Foster used to introduce Clay: "And now…here is the faaaantaaastic Claaay Aiken." You know what? He is sure right!

  5. Great videos and I love that David Foster seems to really love Clay.

    Thanks for the info and videos!

  6. Thank you for this and all your articles. I love them and the videos! You are so good to us Musicfan.

    xo Maybe someday Clay will accompany David on his trips abroad so his fans in other countries can see him.

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