Clay Aiken – Tune Up Your Pipes!

Have you ever thought of taking a singing lesson?  If so, you are in luck.  The fabulous Clay Aiken could be your teacher for a day.  Somehow this idea stirs up all sorts of thoughts:

  1. WOW…A lesson with Clay Aiken
  2. Oh My…I would have to sing in front of Clay Aiken
  3. Could we have a “talking” lesson?
  4. This includes “shipping and handling”  One more, Oh My!!
  5. Wish I could win the lottery so I could afford a lesson with Clay Aiken!

All joking aside, what a great way for Clay to support his good friend, Tyra Banks.

“Tune up those pipes with the guidance of an artist who’s sold millions! Clay Aiken, singer, writer and actor, will instruct you on all things vocal in a one-on-one session.”

Be sure and click on the link to find out more about the singing lesson with Clay…and see the great picture too!


What do you think?

I didn’t know anything about the Tzone or the Flawsome Ball….so I thought it would be fun to find out about them.


Tyra Banks first established the TZONE in 1999 as a week long overnight camp experience for girls outside LA.  She wanted to inspire girls to believe in themselves and take control of their lives.  According to Tyra’s website:

TZONE’S mission was to reinforce positive values and encourage girls to resist social pressures through a fierce, self-esteem building adventure.

Tyra will be opening a permanent residence at the Lower Eastside Girls Club Center for the Community.  Through a mix of career development workshops, mentoring, experiential learning opportunities, financial literacy initiatives and community-wide events, hundreds of preteens and teens will build self-esteem and prepare for life as entrepreneurs and change-makers.

To help raise much needed funds for the new residence, Tyra will host a gala called the “Flawsome Ball” .  The star-studded night will include:

  • A performance by the Grammy Nominated singer, Drake.
  • A wonderful dinner by world renowned chef Marcus Samuelsson
  • The opportunity to give back to the community and help empower today’s young women.

The Flawsome Ball takes its name from a word coined by Banks that combines “flaws” and “awesome” to celebrate individuality. The Gala will be held Oct. 18.

I am in awe of the work that Tyra is doing for young girls.  It is wonderful to see celebrities step up and help.  Tyra is building self-esteem and working with hundreds of girls as they prepare for life.

 Are you going to bid on a singing lesson with Clay?



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  1. Wow! I wasn't on the message boards last night! Is this for real??? I sure wish I was wealth!!!y! The bids should heat up as we get closer to the 18th! How sweet of Clay to do this for his friend Tyra!!

  2. I sure wish I was wealthy as well…but you know what? Not even Clay Aiken could help me. lol
    It's a great opportunity for someone. I just wish I had the $$$$. Tyra's T Zone Foundation sounds wonderful as well, to help girls gain confidence. It's all good.

  3. I think I will bid but I can't go much higher than it already is. Cody would have a massive fit if I did. Anyone want to chip in??? LOL

  4. Clay seems to always add to the number of friends and admirers he has whenever he performs on a show or a concert. He and Tyra have become fast friends and now he is helping her charity with the singing lesson. Just stop and think how many other well known people Clay has impressed along the way. He is always ready to help with his talent and love of humanity (esp. children). I'll sing Clay's praises (even though I can't sing very well anymore).

  5. Never in my life have I wished to be a millionaire – until right now! Being a singer is a far stretch but
    I would gladly give it a try if Clay was the teacher. Hope the bids are high and Tyra and her Girls
    benefit greatly!

  6. wow a singing lesson from clay aiken that wold be amaazing but i dont know if i can bid on that evin though my aunt taught me how to sing

  7. I think it is wonderful of Clay to raise money for Tyra's worthwhile charity for girls. If I had the money,. I would certainly bid. But even teacher Clay would be unable to help me ! I would love to meet him though and he could try to work his musical magic on me.

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