Clay Aiken – 30 Summer Camps

WELL BUMMER!!!  The videos were working when I put them up at midnight.  How silly to block them when they are years old.  Oh well!!

Today is the morning I help out at my grandkids kindergarten class.  I will see what I can find when I get home.

Do you remember what you were doing in November of 2007? I bet Clay Aiken remembers what he was doing the first week of November. He was in the studio, trying to be Smarter Than A 5th Grader.


Clay appeared during sweeps week in a celebrity edition of the show. All celebrities were guaranteed $25,000, but tried to win up to $1 million.

Each contestant was given eleven questions to answer correctly to win the million. It was no surprise to see Clay answering correctly for the first nine questions. He chose to walk away when Clay had some hesitation about the tenth question. He walked away with $300,000 for the Bubel-Aiken Foundation(The National Inclusion Project). Clay commented that the money would fund 30 summer camps in 2008.

Clay did very well. The following are the amounts won by all the celebrities during the week.

Clay Aiken 350,000
Miss America 2007, Lauren Nelson 175,000
Tony Hawk 175,000
Regis Philbin 175,000
Kellie Pickler 50,000
Billy Bush 25,000 (guessed and was wrong on the 300K question)

Sit back, get a glass of wine and watch the fun videos that show Clay on the show. The videos were put onto YouTube by some of Clay’s great fans from Japan. You will notice that there are small subtitles on the videos. Isn’t it nice that Clay has fans from all over the world that want to participate in everything he does? Thanks, ladies for the videos.


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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – 30 Summer Camps

  1. Oh I do remember that show! What fun and were we all on the edges of our seats or what??!! We knew he was a smart cookie, and we knew he would go far. It would have been GREAT if he had gone with his gut and answered that last question. BUT he wasn't absolutely sure and wanted to get as many kids as he could to camp! What a champ he is!!! I'll watch the video's a little later. Granddaughter is still asleep (in my bed)!

  2. I do remember watching, "Smarter Than A Fifth Grader"!! I think the fifth graders and Jeff Foxworthy
    really loved having Clay on their show – he did fantastic – and yes I was more excited than nervous –
    even then – I trusted Clay to do good! I know I just wanted him to win the most money – more than
    any of the other celebrities – and he did come out on top!!! 🙂

  3. Too bad that Fox has blocked these videos from the CANN site. I did tape the show on my VCR, so I can still watch it. Clay did a fantastic job on that show and won a bunch of $$ for NIP.

  4. So sorry vidios are blocked never mind i look forward to future vidios.. thank you for trying Love Clay hes wonderful . I do hope he comes to the UK one day…..xxxxxx

  5. i remember watching smarter than a fifth grader when clay aiken was on it he did a good job and evin then i did trust clay to do good and i knew in my heart that i wanted cxlay to win the most money and when it was over clay came out on top

  6. I so remember watching Clay on AYSTAFG. He was so smart on that show. I knew he would do good. I remember Jeff Foxworthy saying something about what a great person clay was. Can't remember the exact words..but, it was great to hear this about Clay. He truly is a good man.

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