Clay Aiken – Christmas Serenade

It is only November 18th, yet Christmas is in the air!  It’s true!!  To me, the holiday season officially starts in five days…November 23rd, the debut of Joyful Noise Tour 2012  starring Clay Aiken.

As I think about the the excitement coming up, I also remember some very special memories of other Joyful Noise Tours.  I am remembering December 2, 3 and 4, 2005.  Clay and the Joyful Noise Tour performed at the Beacon Theatre in New York City.  I even found a review from those performances:

Clay Aiken makes Joyful Noise for 3 nights at The Beacon Theatre in New York on December 2,3, and 4 2005 
staff writer:Mary Ann Everett 

“Oh Holy Night, You could hear the angel’s voices,” No wait. That would be the voice of Clay Aiken resounding from the Beacon Theater in New York City. While old St. Nick got one brief mention in the most jazzed up version of Jingle Bells I have ever heard, the true reason for the season is beautifully conveyed during this heart-warming stage production scripted by Aiken himself. After the audience was wowed by the unparalleled skill of William Joseph, concert pianist, they were enchanted by the first half of the show which reiterates the value of friends and family using such seasonal favorites as Sleigh Ride, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and the Christmas Waltz to dramatize the story line which is drawn from the title track of Aiken’s record breaking Christmas album, “Merry Christmas with Love”. In addition to Aiken’s exceptional vocals, the audience is entertained by vignettes staring Aiken’s high school chorus director, Alison Lawrence and 11 year old Raleigh NC student, Gregory Ellis. Both have impressive resumes and make this show far more than a traditional Christmas concert, obviously Aiken’s intent.

Even though the second half of the show is staged in church sanctuary, based on the number of standing ovations, you’d think it was Carnegie Hall. Some roared. Some cried. All applauded and rose to their feet when Aiken concluded his heart stopping renditions of Christian favorites such as Oh Holy Night, Emmanuel, The First Noel and Mary Did You Know. At the conclusion of the show Aiken reminds the audience to give a little love every day as he brings down the house with “Don’t Save it All for Christmas Day.” The reason for the season is summed up by his heartfelt encore of “Good News”. With this, he leaves the audience to contemplate the Good News brought to earth through angels proclaiming the birth of his Saviour.

Even though Aiken did forget a few lyrics during the evening, the message was quite clear and well received by what Aiken refers to as his family of fans. From the response of the crowd, I’m certain they’d prefer roasting chestnuts with him instead of with their own family members. It’s Christmas Time in the City and New York City should have been impressed by this ever-growing talent.

Yes…it was a wonderful tour and full of special touches.  Do you remember Beverly’s Star ornament?

So, I wonder what Clay has planned for 2012!  I can’t wait!

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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Christmas Serenade

  1. I can't wait either, Musicfan – Thank you for remembering this Joyful Noise 2005 – it was such a great
    show – another favorite, but there are so many favorites. Clay has given so much to us, his fans, over
    this last 10 years. The written article spoke so highly of Clay – I had not read it before. Clay is truly a
    joy and I am so thankful for being a fan at this Thanksgiving time.

  2. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! After watching that I am sooooooooo ready for these concerts to begin!! I will be on the road for the first one, so I will be looking forward to the red reports!! EEEEK! It's so close!

  3. Photos are great! Wish I could go to the concerts. I have watched his concerts on Utube and saved them on' My videos' so I can watch them again this year, they were great. Thanks Musicfan xox.

  4. I loved JNT5. It was such a wonderful show..with the vignets. This was all thought up by Clay..and, I have to say he did a great job. Thank you for the video..I have always loved that song "Season For Romance." Wish he would do that one again. I don't have too long to wait for my is on Nov.25. Wonder what he will have cooked up this time? EEEEEEEEEE!

  5. I recall driving down to Cincinnati to see Clay perform this concert. It was outstanding! I took along a birthday card for Clay, (it was his birthday) and hope it got to him backstage. Counting down the days till 12/11 when I'll see him again.

  6. I loved the Christmas play and concert in 2005. Clay did a great job in putting all that together.
    I cannot wait to see what he has in store for us this year. As far as his random lyricgenerator, that makes the songs more special to me! I consider it his own special touch!

  7. I loved Clay's Christmas play. I prefer regular concerts, but that was a nice experience for something different that year.

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