Clay Aiken – Beautiful Star of Bethlehem

Excitement is growing for Clay Aiken fans…there are only six days before the first concert of Joyful Noise 2012.  Are you ready?

Clay spent most of Friday in New York, giving interviews and taping TV shows.  It will be fun to hear more from Clay in the next few days.  His interviews are always interesting and fun. Be sure and check out the two previous blogs as they have some information about what Clay was up to on Friday.

As I wait for the tour to begin, I have been remembering some of my favorite Joyful Noise  occasions.  There are so many, but, at least for today, I am remembering December 22, 2005.

Clay was in Raleigh, North Carolina at the Moonlight Theatre at the RBC Center.  He sang a very special song for his Papa.  It was a touching moment and the song was great.  I would love to hear Clay sing it again.

What song do you want to be on the playlist for this Joyful Noise Tour?

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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Beautiful Star of Bethlehem

  1. I love that video. It’s one of the sweetest Clay moments. Beautiful Star is such a great song and Clay sings it perfectly. Thanks for a great post. 🙂

  2. There are too many songs Clay sings that are so fantastic to hear! Celebrate Me Home, Mary Did You Know, Good News. Loved the Jingle Bell Medley…his giddy up giddy up 's were sooo cute! It must have been a magical night when Clay sang to his Papa. I wish I had been there! Clack is the next best thing and I sure hope we get LOTS of it!

  3. That video is so special – it just breaks my heart – in a good way – so touching! I bet Clay really
    misses those big hugs from his Papa!!! <3 Can't wait to hear and see Clay sing all of the songs
    from this years Christmas Concert!! Very excited!

  4. I love this performance. You can see the love in Clay's eyes. Thank you for posting this and thanks to Hosaa for the lovely way she put it together.

  5. I have so many song on my wish list. One song I'd really love for him to sing is "Christmas Is" by Jim Brickman and Mark Masri. I even tweeted aYoutube link of this song to Clay in hopes that he'd want to sing it as much as I want him to sing it. It'd be perfect for his voice.

  6. This video always makes me cry, always makes me smile and definitely always touches my heart. Thank you so much for posting it today and BRAVO HOSAA!!

  7. Hummm, hopefully this won't be a duplicate comment (sorry if it is).

    This video always makes me cry, it always makes me smile and it always touches my heart. Thank you so much for posting it. BRAVO HOSAA!!!!

  8. That was such a touching and joyful performance! What song would I like to hear Clay sing again. What wouldnt I is the question. But if I have to choose one, it would be Good News done exactly the way he did it with the same lighting.

  9. Loved the montage by Hosaa, especially with Clay talking about his Grandpa. This is certainly a treasure. I would love Clay to sing "Little Drummer Boy". I loved Karen Carpenter singing it, and I think Clay would sound fantastic, but I would love any new Christmas music. No one sings Christmas songs better.

  10. Oh goodness…this made me smile and I almost cried. Hosaa, thank you for the wonderful video and Martha, as usual, thank you for a great blog.

  11. This video always touches my heart. Clay loved his grandpa very much and that shows in this video. I also liked when he was talking about his papa. Very beautiful.

    What song would I like for him to sing on his new show? I love all the songs on his album..but, I would really like to hear "Welcome To Our World" again.

  12. What a beautiful video.
    I'd love to hear "Welcome To Our World" and "Good News" again.
    Of course no Clay Christmas concert would be complete without "Mary Did You Know" and "All Is Well".
    And I almost forgot—"Don't Save It All For Christmas Day"!!

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