Clay Aiken – On The Radio -UPDATED

Here is a link to some pictures from Friday morning!  Click GETTY

Clay Aiken was busy Friday morning making the rounds of a few shows on Sirius Radio.  From all accounts Clay was funny, informative and seemed very relaxed.

The following are some of the comments from people who heard the show.  I have not yet, as I was in a classroom all morning.

Morning Jolt – Larry Flick


  1. Clay talked about how much he likes the Christmas Tour.  He said Spamalot stopped a couple of tour years and then he stayed home with his son. Now he’s back because he missed touring.
  2. Clay talked about the different cities that he will be playing in. He made a point of saying that he likes thePacific Northwestbut it just didn’t work out this year, but he likes you all!
  3. Clay mentioned that he has very intense fans and they are respectful and loyal.
  4. Larry said he saw the 2004 show. Clay loves the JNTs doesn’t feel like Christmas unless he is doing a Christmas Show.
  5. They talked about the many singing show on TV and agrees that there were too many. Larry said that people don’t get as famous as they did when Clay was on Idol.
  6. Clay says people who go on the show now WANT to be famous but shows don’t produce music stars just TV stars and the contestant have to be willing to be TV stars. Not really singing stars.
  7. Larry suggested that it is all about the judges; last year’s American idol was Jenifer Lopez.
  8. Larry said that Clay must be really proud of what he has accomplished after 10 years.  Clay answered that he may not do it forever.
  9. Clay joked that he was going to steal Larry’s job. Larry says “you could!!”
  10. Clay is working on another book on how it felt to be closeted and working with his mother on her struggle too. Everybody’s journey is different.
  11. There was a call out to  They talked about the issues that are important to Clay. Larry was excited that Clay was still involved and helping kids. Clay suggested that he sometimes thinks he should retire and work with GLSEN and The National Inclusion Project.
  12. Clay is taping The Dr. OZ show with GLSEN.  It is about gay conversion therapy.  Clay joked that they are going to convert Clay to straight.
  13. Lisa Lampanelli stopped by the studio and both Larry and Clay seemed glad to see her.  She said she is going to attend one of Clay’s concerts.
  14. Lisa said that being inRaleighwith Clay is like being with a REAL celebrity..lots of perks!
  15. Lisa said some of her nasty Clay jokes.  Lisa said that they are still friends.
  16. Clay said he snuck into Lisa’s show after the lights went down. And when Lisa did the joke the people around Clay looked at him to see if it was okay to laugh.
  17. Clay says he needs to go take a shower after all Lisa’s jokes. Lisa says that he is the only person on Apprentice she wants to see.
  18. They did play some snippets of Clay’s Christmas songs.
  19. Larry was very proud of Clay and said more than once that he liked him and loved seeing him grow become happy with himself.


Well…that’s all for now.  I know that there will be a link to the interview and I will post it as soon as I can.

Clay also visited and talked on The Broads ‏@TheBroads – From Twitter:

RT @clayaiken @SIRIUSXM CH107 The Broads interview with Clay Aiken’s at 9:13am. They will talk about his holiday tour and much more!!

Clay also stopped by shade 45 Sirius radio, a Hip-Hop station.  From twitter:

Adam Graham ‏@grahamorama

Sway is really getting to the bottom of Clay Aiken’s thoughts on the current American Idol right now

It looks like a lot of people heard Clay today.


On The Doctor Oz Show…a new book…both things I like to hear!!

 Off to find more information!!

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – On The Radio -UPDATED

  1. Clay is such a well rounded human being. It's really nice to hear from him. He does keep a very low profile and I can't say that I blame him. Whatever he decides to do, retire and work for his charities I totally support him 100 percent. He is truely a magnificent singer and no one will ever compare to him but he needs to do what makes him happy. Maybe he could still do a Christmas tour now and then though. LOL He will always have me as a fan.

  2. Thanks so much for the update on Clay's visit to the Larry Flick radio show. Glad to hear he has a book coming out and that he will make an appearance on the Dr .Oz show. I am getting very excited about the Christmas tour this year. It doesn't seem like Christmas without going to Clay's Christmas concert! Also thanks for the link for the wonderful pictures!

  3. Thanks so much for all of this information!! He is so special.

    I am thrilled about the news of a new book, as I really really have wanted one ever since I read his first. I hope there will be an audio version narrated by the author!

    I am getting anxious for the JNT and feel so blessed to be able to have the opportunity to go.

  4. Such wonderful updates about Clay, looking forward to his next book, I always hoped he would write another one, I will be watching the Dr. Oz show to see Clay as a guest, the pics were great and so nice of you to put all this infor on for us, it makes my day. Thanks Musicfan xox.

  5. Iwish we could get a heads up when CLAY is going to be on different shows. Didn't know anything about DR. OZ SHOW (Clay being on it.)

    • tennie….Clay taped the show and it hasn't been on TV yet. Aas soon as we know the broadcast date, I will post it.

    • Tennie, I think it was just taped and will be on in the future – I maybe wrong – but they will
      probably announce when it will be on!!! Hope so!

  6. Thanks,musicfan &Marlene.Will be eagerly awaiting it. Some websites talked like it had already aired. Thought I was falling down on the job.

  7. Very interesting interview with Larry Flick. I am happy that he is writing another book. I will be the first lined up to buy it. Also, I watch Dr. Oz quite a bit…and will be sure to tune in when Clay is on. Very excited about the Christmas Concerts..and very happy that I can be there.

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