Clay Aiken For President?

I have had a great time today watching twitter.  It seems that when it comes to voting, everyone thinks about Clay Aiken.  The following are just a few of the tweets that I saw today:

* Watching the Presidential Race on television, thinking this is more stressful than when Ruben Studdard was squaring off with ClayAiken.

* Honestly how can America be expected to come to the right decision if they voted for Ruben Studdard instead of Clay Aiken, I mean really

* The first time I ever voted, I voted for Clay Aiken. That’s one vote I know I’ll never regret

* Is it too late to put Clay Aiken on the ballot..?

* #ClayAiken for prez.

There are hundreds of these kinds of tweets.  Clay was busy on twitter too.  He posted:

Hey @ArsenioOFFICIAL & @RubenStuddard For the first time in a long time I’m THRILLED that the black dude beat the white dude!!#4MOREYEARS

Congratulations to all of the USA !  We had another fair election. How lucky we are to be able to vote and decide on our leaders!

On Tuesday, The National Inclusion Project posted a wonderful re-cap of the 2012 Champions Gala.  It is so much fun to read the re-cap and live the events again.  My favorite paragraph in the article is:

The live auction was a great success. Two dinners with Clay went for $22,000 each and a special experience with Clay at Arsenio’s new upcoming talk show went for another $17,000.   The highlight however was the “Send a Kid to Camp” Auction.   To send a single kid to camp costs $250.   Starting with 20 and going down to 1; those in the Theater generously raised their bid number to send their chosen number of kids to camp. Overall, the auction raised over $140,000 to make sure no child sits on the sidelines!

Be sure and visit the National Inclusion Project website.  The re-cap is a must-read!   INCLUSION

I thought I would take a moment and post some presidential pictures of Clay.

Clay is a distinguished man!!

Now…anyone have any cures for the flu?  The Musicfan family is all fighting it!

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken For President?

  1. Clay looks so presidential indeed! I wouldn't be surprised if he takes a turn himself in the years to come, but for now I just want to hear the man SING! He'll always be a winner! I'm with the twitter folks…I'd vote for him too! Great pictures to wake up to musicfan, THANKS!

  2. First thing i did this morning was turn on the television to see who won and was overjoyed to hear that Obama got in again, Clay must be so happy, Congratulations to Obama and Americans who voted for him, I'm sure he'll do well, he seems very genuine, The photos are great of Clay, he would make a handsome president but I LOVE hearing him sing. Thanks Musicfan xox

  3. I truly believe that this will be his destiny, in politics. But for now…I am more than happy to have Clay sing, entertain and enlighten me on so many topics. He is smart, and fair. Exactly the kind of person you would want to represent you. Thanks for the pics Musicfan. Clay Aiken is a force to be reckoned with.

  4. I am so glad the election is over…and yes, Clay would be great in politics, but I want him to sing and act!!!

    Thanks for the great pictures.

  5. I did see the tweets last night using Clay's name. It seems like in so many different tweets on a variety of subjects Clay's name comes up. I think Clay would be a wonderful politician, working to make things fair and just for all. I love all the pictures of Clay. I enjoyed looking at them : ) He certainly does look very distinquished. I hope he keeps singing for a very long time !

  6. Clay's tweet was great and I really enjoyed seeing so many political tweets that mentioned Clay. It would not surprise me at all if Clay did run for political office one day. The way attitudes are changing I feel he'd have a shot at winning.

  7. hot and sour soup from a chinese rest is good r the flu. 24 more days till I see Clay. LOVE THE PICTURES! I want Clay to sing and act more before he becomes a senator and then President. he wopld make a great governor too.

  8. Clay certainly does look distinguished and handsome in all those photo's. I was so happy also to see that Obama got his second term. I think Clay was also. I loved all the tweets about Clay Aiken for President. The video was very funny too. But, I want to see Clay keep singing to us for many years to come.

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