Clay Aiken – The Best of The Best

The last three days have been so wonderful for fans of Clay Aiken.  Clay is back on the stage, sharing his favorite Holiday songs with us and reminding us of his fabulous talent.

Today is Monday and the tour has a day off.  I hope that Clay has the opportunity to rest and enjoy Florida with his tour friends and family.

As the day progresses, I will continue to add new pictures and videos as I can.  There are so many and, wow…there are so many fans who take such wonderful pictures and videos.

Please let me know if this is what you want for the tour stops.

From LauraQ:

A HUGE Thank You to Scarlett for all the wonderful videos!

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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Best of The Best

  1. Yes this is what we want. Great pictures and amazing videos. For those of us who can’t go we love it! :). Thank you musicfan and all the fans who share. 🙂

    • I agree, this is definitely what we want, it's so wonderful to be able to get all this info about Clay, makes my day, I too am not able to go to the concerts so i enjoy watching the concert videos and pics. Thanks Musicfan xox.

  2. Thanks so much to all the great photographers and videographers who are supplying those who won't get to see a show the wonderful clack from this tour. Thank you for posting it for us.
    I am so happy to read that there are so many NJU's attending these concerts. Everyone should be given the gift of hearing Clay's music-especially his Christmas music.

  3. Yes , loving all those wonderful videos and pictures , For me who lives very far away ( Philippines ) I am very thankful for all those fans who never get tired of sharing their tour experience.

  4. Every bit of info provided by so many is really appreciated – I will get to see one show – but one is
    never enough – so the videos and pictures are great to be able to keep up on the whole tour.
    Thank you to all that keep us in the loop with all of their fantastic talents – you are appreciated!!!

    • A big thanks to all involved!! Fortunately I'll be able to attend 2 concerts…the one in Bethlehem and the one in Shippensburg. For those who are not quite so lucky this is great…and fun for those who are going to see what we are in for! A special thanks to my good friend Scarlett…see ya soon! Hugs.Cookie

  5. thanks to laura q and scarlett and to all the others for the wonderful photos and videos. you can't imagine the joy we get in seeing these as we can't all fly halfway around the world to see clay. Christmas is really here thanks to Clay!

  6. Same here, Marlene. I also can only go to one concert this time — but even when I can do several, every show is different and I just love to see the pix and watch the vids; even of the shows I attended!! Thank you so much for bringing them to us, musicfan!

  7. I think it is wonderful that Clay allows fans to take photos & videos at his concerts. Most entertainers prohibit such things. All of us would love to attend a concert, but sometime it is impossible, and these posts allow his fans to participate from afar. I'm counting the days until 12/11 when I'll see his concert in person.

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